How Do You Organise Your Stamps?

I’ve been meaning to organise and improve the storage of my stamps for a long long time now. I have so many and they grow every month with each Cocoa Daisy kit that arrives.

I’ve been spending a lot of time decluttering and reorganising my art/craft studio lately, so now it’s time for my stamps. Something that I’ve been putting off for too long.

I filmed the whole process so you can watch me do it and also hear some tips that I have too. You can watch the video here.

I’ve already reorganised this drawer here a few weeks ago. I’ve bought some super cheap drawer organisers from Ebay to hold my acrylic stamp blocks, my roller stamps and any mini stamps. I’ve also placed my most recent sets of Cocoa Daisy stamps here. I like keeping them together as a set and I love having them placed in this drawer together. They are easy to see and find.

For all my other stamps….and there was a lot of them!! I have completely decluttered and placed them all in to categories and into these pockets. This is a door organiser that I bought for £3 in a Charity store, but these organisers can be bought on Ebay and Amazon too. They are ideal for stamp storage. I love the clear pockets so that I can see everything that I have. I’ve printed off each category and cut into strips and stuck on the front of each pocket as you can see. Hopefully now they will stay tidy.

I hope you enjoy my video. All the stamps that I’ve decided not to keep, I’m giving away on my YouTube Channel, so please go and check it out.

Thanks so much.


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