Why Whitespace is an Important Element in Your Layouts

Happy Friday!

White space, also known as negative space, is an important element of design. It helps separate your content, object groupings and it minimizes clutter. Another way that white space is used is to create emphasis. One example would be placing a photo on your layout then layering it with a smaller version of the same photo that has a white border.

The triangle rule in design is used to lead the viewer around your layout and White space can be used to lead the viewer too. In fact, white space is often used to help the viewer hone in on a specific spot. Think one photo with embellishments surrounding it and the remainder of the page is empty.

And one more thing, White space in your design doesn’t have to be white. It can be a soft color or pattern. Think of negative space as a place to rest the eye or separate an element from the background as I described in the photo example. Now take a look at what DT member Casie created with the white space principles in mind.

“Hi there! Casie here with a great way to showcase the gorgeous Cocoa Daisy art found in the Daisy Dori while sharing your own story. For this challenge, I kept one side of the booklet page blank of words of photos.”

“Instead, I added a few of the puffy leaf stickers to further emphasize the beautiful leaf design on the dori page. The other side a photo I took of my dog when we were hiking. His ears were blowing in the breeze and it was a perfect capture of what fall means to me – cooler weather and being outside more!”

“I layered patterned paper and one of the gold foil vellum leaves (how amazing are those!) I would love to see you all join this challenge as well with your dori or scrapbook pages.”

We invite you to show us your layouts designed with white space in mind. Please share in our private facebook group or by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media. We enjoy seeing what your ideas and layouts!

Happy crafting!


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