IDEAS. Plan with me & planner flip through. Pictures and video.

Hi lovely Daisies! It´s Naza here, how are you today?

Are you enjoying fall crisp air, falling leaves, golden pumpkins, rain puddles and sweaters? Halloween is just around the corner, I love all these autumn colors, I really do, and if Cocoa Daisy delights us with planner supplies matching this wonderful season to make our busy days a little brighter, I can ask for nothing else.


As you may already know October´s planner kit coordinates with September´s scrapbooking and DITL kits, and those three beautiful kits are what I´ve been using to decorate my planner this month. In this post you will see pictures of all my planner, how I´ve decorated it, some sneaks of fabulous supplies and in the end of the post you´ll find a video with a planner flip through and a full decorating process of one day on my daily pages.

These are the week at a glance pages, where I jot down concepts, not explaining anything, and on the back of them i usually write the items I have to make at some point of the month but that don´t have a specific date.




This is the monthly view, I added this exclusive CD puffy ampersand and a thin gold foiled washi.


These are the daily pages, like I said in my last post (HERE) it´s what I´ve been using the most lately, I find them extremely useful.



Some bits I love 😀




I tried introducing banners, lettering and calligraphy, if you´d like to know more about how to make calligraphy and lettering to embelish your beautiful planners, bullet journal or Daisy Doris you can check this post.




More decorated pages.






This is something I came up with about two weeks ago, I thought of adding a PL page and include DITL cards and die cuts in it, I love the result and it also works for protecting our dashboards, some clips are like bobby pins and I´ve noticed that sometimes they damage papers and dashboards.


This is the pocket set up, I keep here what I mostly use, stickers, exclusive Cocoa Daisy die cuts, clips and sticky notes.


Here´s the video, I hope you enjoy it and I´ll be happy if it inspires you at least a little!

If you want to share your creations with us please tag @cocoa_daisy and @ladyreverse and use #novemberplanwithcd #cocoadaisy and #daisydayplanner.

Thank you so much for your time and attention, I hope you have a beautiful day!

Kindest wishes,

Nazareth aka @ladyreverse

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