Inspiration Tuesday – Thinking Small

Close your eyes.



Don’t you just love reading things that start out that way.
You can’t read the next instruction with your eyes shut can you?!
Sometimes instructions are meant to be read first.
But when it comes to using your imagination those instructions can’t always work.
Sometimes we get so bogged down in our scrapbook “instructions” we forget to use our imagination.
We open the same box rather than thinking outside it.

I’ve been scrapping smaller than 4×6 photos for quite some time but I’ve been printing them all at the same size, a not quite 2.5×4 size.
So today I am going to take you smaller.
I’ve scrapped small photos before, the cool index size, but it’s not something I do regularly. And it’d definitely not the norm in scrap circles.
Let me introduce you to Willard Wigan.
This guy is a “Micro sculptor”.
The art he creates are so small that they fit on the head of pins.
This one is in the eye of a needle!
He recently spoke at TED (again if you haven’t heard of TED you are missing out!).
I thought I would share his inspiring talk here

[ted id=610]

The reason he started his creative journey is because he used his imagination.
Sometimes we need to stop our routine way of doing things and imagine.
Let our minds go and let our creativeness flow.

So I printed off some passport photo sized photos and used one to create this page, using the January kit.

And a little like Willard, I held my breath and worked between the heart beats.
Some times that is all it takes.
To stop, step out and just create.

Hope this inspires you to stop, close your eyes and just create.


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  1. Lisa Saunders

    I really love this and yes, very inspirational. I shall scrap later and remember this and think of you x


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