A new DT member and saying goodbye

We are happy to announce that starting with the April kit, Piradee Talvanna will be joining us as a permanent Design Team member. We loved working with her this past February and thought she’d make a great addition to the team. Join us in welcoming her!

And we are saying goodbye to two very talented designers who’ve been with us for a few years now. Mandy Kay Starner and Mandy Koeppen will be leaving the Cocoa Daisy team for other great adventures. We wish them luck and happiness as they explore their new options. Make sure to stay in touch with them on their blogs.

Mandy Kay: Hey Hey Mandy Kay

Mandy: This One Time…


  1. Marti Richards

    I will miss seeing Mandy and Mandy K in the gallery each month- big fan of both of them! I will certainly be checking in to see what they are up to. 🙂

    Congrats to Piradee- looking forward to seeing her gallery each month!

  2. amberca

    Welcome Piradee!!!
    Can I just say how sad I am to see the two Mandy’s leaving us!! You both added so much to the gallery and message boards….you will be missed!


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