The Newest, Smallest Member of the Family


We have been hearing lots of excitement and a few questions about the newest member of the Cocoa Daisy family.  I am halfway through November and getting December ready to go and can report that these little books are adorable and delightful.


Now the main question that we keep hearing is “What are you using yours for?”  Let’s face it, these little books are so sweet that they are fairly irresistible, but we need to have uses for them, right?  Personally, I am using mine as a supplement to my standard DaisyDori planner.  Basically, each month I will be using it for something new and exciting.  November was the first one available, and I am using mine for fall documenting.  Basically, I am putting my October and December photos in it and making little notes about how life is going right now.


I am even adding in a fall recipe or two.  Yum!


I am using the tiny December book for my holiday list making.  You know, what I need to cook, where we want to go, who’s been naughty or nice.


I have already decided that I will use January for my 2017 goal setting, February for Alissa Fast’s Love Lists, March for my birthday . . . the ideas just keep coming!  What ideas have you had for this little booklet?


Another question that I have heard is “What size is it?”  Our tiniest DaisyDori will fit in both the passport and pocket sized covers.  In the passport cover, it will go all the way to the top.  Personally, I like to keep mine in a pocket sized cover like what you see here.


The pocket holds field notes sized inserts like what you see in the back of this set up.  The two booklets in the front are my tiny DaisyDori’s.  I always put lots of tabs on the tops of those, but not on my other notebooks (for various reasons).  Since they are slightly shorter, the tabs bring them up to the height of the others plus keep the others from feeling awkward because they don’t have tabs.  It’s a lovely solution for me.

I am certainly having fun getting to know the newest member of the family.  We’d love to hear how the new little one is faring at your house.  🙂

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