Pepper Desk Tour

Hello everyone. It’s Pepper here checking in today to share a sneak into my workspace.

Overall space

I work in a small space against the wall approximately 11 feet long by 4 feet deep. I have my long Ikea white table top which I love a lot, and a 5×5 Expedit shelve which has been serving me well for 3-4 years.


I used to work on a black desk because I don’t want it to look dirty, but eventually changed to a longer table top that is white in color and love it very much. A  white work space makes me feel happier. it’s like a ‘clean’ fresh start each time I sit down to create. It’s the real kind of mess you see above. Often filled with projects. I have a white magnetic board in front of me where I place inspirations, to-do list, recent photos, cards from dear ones and favourite quotes.

On the table top, there are several containers from Daiso, Muji and a local shop called Cat Socrates. I love the combination of wood and whites, so I bought some of those wooden vintage containers. These containers hold embellishments that I most often use.

I love these transparent/translucent containers white holds left over digital die cuts and labels. I have a tray for each color family (warm colors such as orange, yellow, red in one tray. Blues in one. Pinks and purple in one and so on)

This container has the stamps that I use most often.

This narrow tray holds stationary I use most often – pens, brushes and etc.

More trays! I labelled them on the side so I know what each of them contains. I have all my Cocoa Daisy planner goodies in one tray, and brush markers in the second tray, the last tray contains all other writing materials.

Another stack of trays on my right include memorabilia tray as well as trays for die cut packs (here you can see one for crate paper and one for Amy Tangerine) When I got these packs, I open them up and ‘mix’ them all into one tray by the same designer/manufacturer. It is easier for me to flip through to find a suitable embellishment than to have them kept in their individual boxes.


My project life and scrapbook albums in progress are kept in a wall shelve right above my head. The other complete albums are at the bottom row of my Expedit shelve.

Drawer system

This is one of my most favourite purchase from IKEA and now I cannot live without my drawers.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside from bottom up. The last(Fifth) drawer contains things to be put away after some projects. The fourth drawer contains large tools I use often such as paper trimmers, Cropadile and ATC gun.

The third drawer has lots of mini inks organised in trays and mini buckets.

I also kept the swatch in the buckets. There are some acrylic and chipboard letters placed in small trays beside the buckets. At the side, I slot in some chipboard and cardstock stickers.

The second drawer contains tiny embellishments like wood veneers, paper clips, cork embellishments, tiny washi tapes, a tray of enamel dots as well as flair button

First drawer(which is the closest to me) contains all my smaller tools such as tiny attacher, glue tape, glue dots, scissors, bone folder, acrylic blocks, precision knife. It also contains larger ink pads that I use often, a while collections of roller stamps and washi tape I use most often. 

I kept a swatch of all the roller stamps in the tray. That way it’s easier for me to search for a phrase.

Expedit Shelve

Moving on to my Expedit shelve. It contains the things that I don’t use as often or that are bulkier. There are 25 shelves in total but not all of them contain scrapbooking stuff. Here are some cubes which are scrapbooking related.

Here is a tray system that I keep some lose kits which I had already used.

In one shelve I kept all the 6×8 mini album which are completed.

Here are all the ‘work in progress’ mini albums.

I also have mini drawers in the shelve that contain my mixed media stuff. One of them contains extra inks and water color sets. Another contain spray mist and acrylic paints.

More inks

One shelve contains two trays full of acrylic stamps sorted by manufacturer or theme (for example coffee, planner, travel etc)

Projects organisation

I try to keep everything that is needed for each project in one large Daiso container. For example on the left is for one of my Big picture classes class. On the right contains all my Traveler’s notebook, including Daisy Doris.

As for projects that need to be filmed, I placed them at a corner in my living room where the lighting is the best.

For those who are curious about how I film my videos, here is the simple set up. I used a gorilla pod that is cling onto my window rails and attach my camera onto it 🙂

Hope you had enjoy this tour around my workspace. Till next time 🙂

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