January Buttercup Kit Tours

Good afternoon! Katherine here, Kiggies5 on Instagram, sharing videos of the January kits. My littles don’t have school today because some of the roads still have ice on them, so we are having a lazy morning. We received over 4 inches in north Georgia. Don’t laugh, but that is a lot for Georgia…like it shuts the whole city down. 😉 I hope you are staying nice and warm wherever you are. Grab a blanket, hot beverage of your choice and enjoy these videos of the January kits! Come on, press play!

Up first is Janet. I love love love the stamp sets!



Second we have Lisa, I could listen to her voice all day!

Finally, I made a video with music…I don’t really like the sound of my voice. Insert cringe here! I tried to make them short and sweet. I am still working on the lighting, so be kind. 😉 The first video is the DITL kit. At the end I added the printable files and an add on ‘Simon Under The Weather’ stamp set. He doesn’t come with the kit, but I couldn’t leave him out. The only thing missing is the DITL stamp set.

The second video is the main kit, again with music…lol! 😉 Missing from this set is the stamp set.



I hope you all have a great week!




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