June Teaming Up – Printer Talk

We are here today to talk about printers.

This is the last team chat for you now. In case you missed the others, you can read about our cameras here and photo editing here.

So printers. Do you print off your own photos or do you send them off?

Alissa uses 2 printers.

” A Canon Selphy 900. I love that it’s wireless and can print right from my phone. Good color and I love the “gloss” matte finish. In other words, it looks glossy but doesn’t have finger prints. I don’t love that it’s smaller than 4×6. If I want 4×6 and can cover the perforation on the edge, this one is fine. Or, if printing smaller photos on a 4×6 page for cut out, it’s great! 105 prints for about $32 US

Epson PictureMate. LOVE! It prints in 4×6 size perfectly. I can add white borders on the printer. Can print different sizes with the collage options. It’s pretty fast and not too expensive. 150 glossy for $35 US 200 matte for $35. The glossy doesn’t leave fingerprints and the color is better on the glossy. I don’t love that I can’t print wirelessly from my phone without an expensive bluetooth attachment. It will print from a compact flash and USB and several other cards, though. (the compact flash is going to work out great at a wedding this summer where I’m running a photo booth for a friend)

And, I quite often use local printers for quick, cheap prints. I use Costco (although mine’s prints are so dark) and Walgreens. (love the bright colors they print)

Lastly, for mail order prints, I use Persnickity Prints. LOVE them and their customer service. I wish they were local to me. You lucky folks in Utah”. :)

Anna says:

”I have a Canon Pro9000 Mark II and I love it! I’m lazy and it’s perfect for me to be able to print the photos I want to use, right when I want them. I was very excited about the possitilites to print in the 12×12 format when I got the printer, but I kind of forget that I’m able to do that and I haven’t used it as much as I would like to. I have ideas… I just need to remember to make something out of them”! :)

And Ashley:

”I have a Canon Selphy CP910 for at home photo printing. I love that it’s WHITE, I love watching it print, and I love the ease of printing from my phone wirelessly or from my computer (wirelessly or via USB). The prints are amazing quality. This is the first photo printer I’ve ever purchased and used and it does not disappoint in the least.

For printing printables and cards, I have a HP OfficeJet Pro. I love the print quality and it is also wireless.

I do send most of my pictures away to Shutterfly for printing. For me, the price is right and I love that they come delivered to my door in a bright orange box or envelope”. :)


”My printer is a Canon Pixma. It’s wireless and I’ve only just found the app that allows me to print straight from my phone. I love that it’s wireless and I can hide it away, saving space for creativity. I can print up to A4 size but I don’t like that the print program that it comes with. Often, when I want a larger “not the norm” photo size, I alter my photo size with picmonkey before printing.
The thing I don’t like about the app is that I can’t change the photo size, I’d love to print smaller.
I also love printing on gloss. I love how it looks but also think it looks better if I distress the edge.
My printer also works as a scanner, copier and has the capacity to copy negatives or slides. I haven’t used the negative/slide copier but often us the scanner/copier.
I’ve often thought about purchasing my photos but never have enough to print and can’t justify the price. I love having a home printer because I love being able to scrap a photo taken just moments before”.


”I have an old canon but it works great. I think it’s really all about the paper. I always use good quality photo paper. I also like to crop, size and edit my photos on my phone with aviary or I use pic monkey on line. If I use my phone my iCloud upload the photos to my computer and I print them out using iPhoto. Nothing fancy but it works for me”!

And me. I seem to always struugle with printers. I’m yet to find one that I LOVE. I print all my own photos plus I use them for my wedding stationery business, so they get used alot. Right now I have an Epsom Stylus Photo PX730. One of these combos with scanner and photo copier. It prints photos nicely, but is very temperamental. I can’t guarantee that it will always print my photos and it isn’t flexible with different sizes of papers.

I also have a big Epsom Stylus Photo R1900. It prints larger sizes which is great for 12×12. But despite being a photo printer, the quality isn’t geat and I only use it when the other printer decides to take a day or 2 off.

Finally, I’m another one with a Canon Selphy 900. I love this so so much. It was a Christmas present from my husband and I use it for all my scrapbooking now. Except that it suddenly stopped working a couple of weeks ago and I need to send it off to Canon. Printers and I just don’t seem to get on!!

If you have any questions about printers, please do ask us here.

I hope this has been useful to you.


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