When My Kit Arrives – May “Here I Am”


Hey Hey Daisy-ites.
MAY! oh boy how quick is the year flying by?!
I loved that the May kit was called “Here I Am”.
It was singing out HEY look at me! Here is May. Here is Spring (or Autumn if you live in my half of the world). Here is something amazing and cool!
Once it arrives my procedure is not too dissimilar to what Ashley shared (you can read Ashley’s post HERE).
I start by clearing my desk, this can sometimes happen a week in advance as I anticipate it’s arrival.
Then I unpack each of the kits.
Everything is sorted into piles.
Embellishments, alphas, die cuts, paper and stickers.
The embellishments that fit in containers end up looking like this.


The things that are a little bigger, alphas/sticker sheets, go together.


The embellishments I put in a tray (a TV dinner tray from Tupperware that my Mum found at a second hand shop).
These things will be thumbed through, opened, fossicked and trashed by the end of my creating.


You’ll see I also house my stamps in one of those slots.
I keep them handy in case they “fit” with what I am creating.
The paper goes back into my Cocoa Daisy box.


I put it in order of how I think I will use it.
So on top will be papers that I loooove, then papers I might struggle with, followed by papers that I will cut up and under those will be the cardstock.
This box will live on the end of my table and will also be thumbed through often.


I think if I had more space I would do away with the box but table space is lacking so they stay in the box to keep them protected from stray ink and other possible crafty accidents!
My crafting space is that not-much-bigger-than-12×12 space you see right there.
I will pull out the papers I want to use and set about creating.
The kits sit to my side, ready with everything at hand.


When I don’t have time to create you might just see me glance, wishfully, at this pile.


And then when I am done for the month…
Everything is packed up and added to my stash.
I love looking through my stash and remembering the kit it came with.
Love that each kit doesn’t really end with a new month.
It just goes on and on.


  1. Laura C - Michigan

    Sharmaine, I am glad that it takes a bit for you to get your kit. Because by the time the subscribers get theirs, the DT are already receiving the next one and singing it’s glory. I want to be excited with the current kit for a tiny bit before the next one hits – LOL


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