What stamp have you always wanted? Win it.

Have you ever wished you had a specific stamp? I’d like a 6 inch pineapple stamp like this:

(image from tinimartini)

Well today you can make suggestions on what stamps you’d like to see in a future kit. We usually have our stamps in sets, so you can suggest a few ideas, or just one big one, like my pineapple. 

If you have any images that would give us an even better idea, we’d love to see them. So head over to Pinterest and start brainstorming. We’d love to know the original source, we like to Link with Love. ;) Did you know Cocoa Daisy has a Pinterest board for every kit? Check us out while you’re over there!

One winner’s suggestion will be made into a stamp (set) and you’ll get a copy of your very own stamp set! 

Cool huh?

Please leave your comment on this Forum thread only.

Contest closes Saturday, June 28th at 10 AM, winner will announced after Christine has had a chance to look at all the suggestions.


  1. chel

    A BRUSH SCRIPT ALPHA – not a delicate, thin one, but one with beautiful curves and thick and thin lines. (like the font Carolyna Pro Black). Oh, pretty please!

  2. Christy-Jane Kinder on Facebook

    I would love the pineapple stamp shown. My business is called Silly Pineapple Dog Sitting LLC! It would be perfect for promotional flyers and little “Thank You” notecards. 🙂

  3. Mary Lou Holshouser on Facebook

    I have a yorkie and I’d like a stamp set that looks more like her. usually they’re either big dogs or weiner dogs. thanks.

  4. Katy Clatfelter Young on Facebook

    cat stamps, tools for guy cards or layouts, old cars, road trip stamps, school stamps (books, doing homework saying,pencils, calculator), chemistry stamps (beakers, tubes, atomic sign, nerdy and proud)

  5. Charmaine

    My daughter figure skates, and I would love a classic figure skate image that doesn’t have anything Christmassy on it. Not that I mind Christmas – it just doesn’t work for thank you cards in May so much!

    Good teenaged boy related themes would be great too. Mountain biking, sports, gaming, etc

    Knitting/crochet themed stamps could be cute too

  6. Paulette A Sarsfield on Facebook

    Please something Harley Davidson…. all the bike trips we do & no stamps to coordinate!!! a touring bike would be nice, or words like “helmet hair” ! lol

  7. Tricia Kolsto

    I wish there was a cute, funny chihuahua stamp. I can’t seem to find any 🙁

  8. Angela Blanchard on Facebook

    More cooking stamps, especially stoves…electric range, retro gas stove, wood cook stove, microwave–any of those would be great!

  9. Juli

    No stamp in particular but anything to do with food or eating out, cupcakes, cakes, words but not the same stuff that everyone does like Yum!! And the same with a kit!! Thanks

  10. Courtney

    Thicker brush script alphas in a not-so-perfect format (Kal Barteski-ish), manly tools (hammer, nails, screwdriver, etc), sets of interchangeable balloons for creating bunches or singles…

  11. Karen

    How about a stamp set centered around our favorite hobbies,-scrapbooking, sewing, yarn crafts, painting, etc.

  12. Valerie Weir on Facebook

    I am always asking my boys…. Were you raised in a barn?!?! 😉 AS a result, I LOVED the, That’s why we can’t have nice things stamp last month. 🙂


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