Monthly planner set up – Includes video.

Hello Daisies!

How are you doing on this Monday? I was wondering how would you, daisies, set up your planners every month. I have a little routine of placing everything in a precise place, as I always say, there has to be a place for everything and everything has to be on its place, well, that´s something I mostly use for home, but it´s also useful for planners and all our scrapbooking and planner supplies, don´t you have your ink drawer or washi stand or stamp box?

I wanted to share with you my way of setting up my planner, my monthly planner routine. It´s true that it´s been changing through years because I´ve learned techniques and I´ve changed my planners and this is my current way. There´s a video in the end showing and explaining how Ii make it and why, but let´s see first some pictures…

Main Planner kit ready to enjoy it´s new home (the planner :D)

Planner add on: delicious and pretty supplies.

Changing months…


Here´s the video:

It´s time for me to say goodbye, I hope you enjoyed the video and that you could find some ideas or inspiration, any question or suggestion is welcomed. Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!

Nazareth @ladyreverse


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