February Planner Fun

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend! Ours is still going today! I was happy to find out we had a three day weekend and the kids have been loving it too!

Well this morning I’m here to share my second week of February with y’all. I just have to say that I love all the pretty colors and oh yes, Simon!! He’s just so cute!

I have had a few busy weeks with the little ones. We’ve been bouncing around this nasty little cold, sinus infections and such, boo 🙁 But right now it seems to have mellowed out and I hope it stays that way. I cut some of my planner pages down to where they fit and cover some of the planner boxes so that I can have that pop of color, I usually place it on the second page of my weekly spread, like I did here. I go in with my washi tape and cover the sectioned of lines and add more to the bottom strips that are there.

I use some of the DITL kit through out my planner here and there too, like the DITL cards over to the left. I attach it with some washi on the front and back for a little more security. I usually put this here for a pop of color, and because there cute! But I also use it to cover a little bit of journaling that I don’t want right out there for everyone to see. Plus I’m not a huge fan of my own hand writing lol.

I like to add in pictures I take threw out the week of my littles and things that go on. I love that I can keep track of things that I may not scrap and I add things I still know I will scrap lol. Like my daughter pulling herself up and staying in the sitting position, or one of my other daughters falling to sleep in the car when we go get the other kiddos from school, almost every day this happens and it makes me laugh every time. I added some of the cute little stickers and tabs for some filler and to mark where things happened, like my parents coming to visit for the day or my littles starting to feel sick.

My sister came to stay the weekend, so I ended up with a TON of snap chat pictures, My kids love all the different filters! And I had to make sure to mark the Walking Dead returning!! We love watching that. And my oldest Valentines dance. I cut a few more things out of my planner pages and added them in. I love that when I have slower weeks like this and the past few, since we’ve all been sick around here, that I have such cute stickers, die cuts and tabs and such to liven up my pages. I added a few little heart puffy stickers from my stash and called it done for this week.

I hope you enjoyed my planner spread this week and I hope you come back to see what all the other Daisy girls are doing this week!! And Happy Monday!

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