Tips and tricks with Kylie ~ Get creative with those left over pieces!

Hello everyone!

Kylie here again today! I want to share another way you can use up those left over pieces in your kit.You know what I’m talking about right?? Little bits and pieces like these………

Let’s talk about Paper Rosettes. These sweeties are so fast and easy to make and can be added to so many crafty projects to include scrapbooking,cardmaking and even creating garlands with them.There are many ways you can make these but I am going to show you a method that I find works best for me.I have also included a short-ish video for a closer hands on view.

Here is what you will need to get started-

You will need some strips of paper 3.5cm ( 1 3/8″ inch) wide and 30cm (12″) long.

TIP~ If you don’t have strips long enough to use, glue 2 pieces together so that you do!

Plain card stock

A  2″ circle punch and a 1.5″ circle punch (this second size is optional as you will see in my video)

Hot glue

Left over stickers and embellishments

**Handy to have- A score board / cutting board (But not essential to be able to make these, you can also fold freehand)

Here is what your completed rosettes will look like!

I must admit, once I started I found them quite addictive to make.You will too I’m sure!

For the size I make my rosettes, the little Butterly stickers that came in the march kits made a perfect fit.With this rosette you can just see the smaller circle underneath it.This is where your smaller circle punch may come in handy just to use as an anchor for your embellishments.

I love using random sticker quotes like these.They were a perfect match from this months kits.

I also used some of the quote stickers from last months kit too, which you can just see in this photo…..

Don’t be afraid to use a decorative border punch on your rosettes too! All you need do is run it down one edge of your cut strip prior to folding.I like the lace effect this gives them!

Here you can see how i have incorporated a rosette into a craft project I made.How cute is that Budgie?

So grab yourself a cuppa, and let me show you how to create them yourself! Below is my video for you to watch.

Until next time,

Kylie. xoxoxo

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