Back To The Basics

Hello Daisies!!

Kami here today for my very first blog post!! I’m a tad bit nervous and super excited!!

There hasn’t been a plan with me in a hot minute so…

I thought I would just get back to the basics and show you my set-up. The back bone of it all! There will not be any of the sugar coating here on my pages, just grit!! Because for me, this is one of the reasons I truly feel that Cocoa Daisy is above and beyond other planner kits. The inserts standalone beautifully! No sugar coating necessary! Let’s get to it, shall we?

First and the very most vital step of planning… COFFEE!! Who is with me on this!? If not (we can still be friends), grab your beverage of choice and join me! Hydration is important!

Next I decide which planner to put all my inserts in! For April, I will be using Grace! She is my turquoise Filofax, Domino. I think she compliments the kits colors very nicely. The first section is  my month at a glance. I love to put all the challenges I plan to participate in on the very front.

Next of course IS the month at a glance. I write in all the important dates here, on the back is the year at a glance. I use this just to scribble future appointments that need to be remembered.

The next section I like to put my Daily to-do inserts. I used the free printable to create a page marker. To make the page marker, I glued the printables that were printed on card stock together, cut them to the size I wanted, and punched holes to line up with the rings of my planner. I also cut a slit in each of the wholes so I could move the marker with ease and not have to open my rings constantly! On this page marker. I will write something that happened each day of the month. It can be as simple as how the weather was that day. (I did a little sugar coating here) I use the marker not only to keep my place, but so I can look at it when I am working on my memory keeping.  This section is also where I will keep my week on one page inserts, they will be washi’d to my daily pages with my meal plan on one side and a place for notes on the other.

The next section I put the week on two pages. This is where I will do my memory keeping, and where my daily page marker will come in so handy!!

The last section is for notes. I keep old inserts here. It’s a great place to use up those daily’s that don’t always get used! I write all the things here, scripture, brain dumping, book lists, Netflix lists, dreams, doodles, quotes, YouTube video list, amazon wish list, I could go on but I’m sure you get the point.

In the very back I keep a clear pocket, this is where all the stickers that come in the planner kit and planner add on kit go. Very last, in the back pocket of Grace, I will keep the note pad and sticky notes.

As far as my “candy coating” (all the die cuts, embellishments, washi and other items in the kit) set-up, this month I am trying something new. Normally I keep everything in the cloth bag included in the kit. Which worked great for as long as I can remember. I just wanted to switch things up a bit this month so I ventured to a local craft store and found this “Recollections” crafting storage with tray.

I put all of the sugar coating in the slots that can be personalized to size along with coordinating items I want to use from my stash. The bigger items I put in the tray. Now, not only is everything in one place, I can grab it and plan on the go with ease!!

I want to know, what order do you put your inserts in? Do you use all of them? How do you store all your “sugar coated goodies?”

Thank you all for joining me today on the blog!! I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to leave suggestions and comments!



PS. You can see all the sugar coating on my IG @chipped_in_time_ because let’s face it, sugar coating is good!! 😉







  1. Cindy

    This is so informative!! Just what I need to help with my own planners and kits. O always need direction lol. Thanks so much Kami!! Love how you coordinated all the colors too, so pretty!

  2. Kelli

    I agree with Cindy, I found this really helpful for myself as I’m just getting into planners. I also find that I need ideas and direction on how to use the kit. I really enjoyed seeing and reading how you use all the different pieces. The daily bookmarker is such a neat idea. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Luisa Iamele

    Your ideas are very useful. I still find it difficult to use the kit entirely as there are so many dated pages and no pages for notes only. Good idea to use remenants from old kits!


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