April Designer’s Challenge: REAL Life!

Good morning Daisies! OK people, we all know Mommyhood has its rewards, yeah, yeah, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

But what about those REAL LIFE moments? Those crazy moments when you were totally baffled over something your child did? Or when you get overwhelmed with adulting? That’s why I love this month’s kit. The title, Real Life and theme of the products. It really hits on the struggles and trying times of the everyday. So this month’s challenge is to document REAL LIFE. Whether it’s the struggles of motherhood, work, or however it relates to you, I am challenging you to document life’s crazy, candid moments when you really want to throw your hands in the air and scream. Yes, I want you to get REAL.

The design team has come up with some really fun samples to inspire you. First up is Lisa, who says “I decided my real life page was going to be less of the crazy and more of the scary. My baby girl learning to drive. Scares the life out of me, her being out there on the roads. Yep…this is real life!!“:
Lisa Saunders | Cocoa Daisy April 2017 Designer's Challenge
Now THAT’s scary!

Wendy says, “Real life means Legos everywhere, schoolwork, Wii time, tablets, snuggles, and lots of boys! But… This moment is just perfect sums it up completely, it is a daily struggle, but I wouldn’t miss it for anything“:
Brautkleid Spitze
I hear ya, Wendy!

Katherine has a super fun one, with this layout of a day full of doctor’s visits. Ugh, us Mom’s get stuck with dealing with kids that do NOT want to go to the doctor, right! Love the look on the children’s faces here! 🙂 🙂
Katherine Maynard | Cocoa Daisy April 2017 Designer's Challenge


Kelly has hers, she said: “My daughter plays softball for school and a travel team, which means laundry for me almost daily! I thought this would be a fun memory to document because this is my reality for three months of the year 🙂 I also jinxed myself with this layout…her travel team will be getting white pants which will be impossible to keep clean. UGH!“:
Kelly Barron | Cocoa Daisy April 2017 Designer's Challenge
I feel for you, Kelly!

And finally mine, which I went with a classic crazy toddler antic that I experienced and really almost made me lose my mind. LOL. My daughter went through my makeup drawer. That was my Chanel Foundation and lipstick on her face, eyebrows, hair and teeth. I tell ya, that moment? No words:

So the challenge rules:
1. Document the REAL LIFE
2. Title your page, REAL LIFE

You have two weeks for this challenge, submit your entries via links in the comments of this post by May 1. You can also post it on our “Cocoa Daisy Challenges” Facebook Group. Have fun and good luck, can’t wait to see your pages!

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