From My Desk~ A tour with Kylie

Hi Daisies!

I hope you are all really well.Kylie with you again today and I am going to give you a little mini tour of what’s on my desk right now. My May planner kit arrived just a short time ago, so I have been busy getting everything set up ready to go.

I love the green tones and theme! I decided to move into my Cream, Carpe Diem planner.It seems to suit it so nice.Hello to the green Pen Gem too……Yummo!!

I generally change my desk around a lot.I keep what I am using currently or the most close by since I don’t have a huge desk.These aren’t all my planners ,just a few favourites at the moment.My April set up is in the yellow planner.

I picked up this cute mini shopping trolley a few months ago.Being rose gold and looking all cute I had to have it.I keep my favourite washi tapes in there.

The rest are in this cute heart shelf hanging above my desk.

I recently found this great set of drawers from K Mart.

They are the super perfect size to fit all my Cocoa Daisy stamps in.I am addicted to these stamps!

This folder has also been a great recent addition too.I found it online via Kikki K but it stores all my planner supplies when they first come in.

Ta-Dah! Isn’t it great? Everything is safe, and I know it is all in the one place.This is also great when I take my planner out and about.My washi rolls and a small pair of scissors also fit nicely.

I may have a thing for donuts.I keep my most favourite pens in here although I change it about a fair bit!

Time for me to get back to playing with my planner.I hope you have enjoyed seeing what’s on my desk today!

Until next time,




  1. Simone Schermann

    Kylie, there are so many pretty things on your desk: that shopping cart, your heart shelf, the cup (you didn’t even mention ;-)) and the pretty organizer. Thanks for sharing those awesome finds with us!

    • Kylie Kingham

      Thanks so much Simone! Yes I love my cup and it suits me so much.LOL! I can’t bring myself to use it though it’s too cute.I have a habit of collection cute things and not using them.

  2. Laura Daniels

    Kylie! Loved the tour of your desk sweetie! So much fun and cuteness all in one place! My favorite was the little grocery cart to hold washi!


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