Getting Inspired: Everyday Planner Fun

Good morning Planners! Are you in search for new ways to using your planner? Need ideas to adding more content? Maybe you’d like to experiment a little? Grab a cuppa and read on! We got you covered!

Hi all! Janet here, who is soooo excited because this is my first blog post for the Daisy Day Planner Team and I want to talk about Everyday Inspiration and your Planners. But before we get into the post, I wanted to give a shout out and a huge¬†thanks to you all for participating in the Cocoa Daisy Planner Challenge! The Planner Challenge started in January and since then, I’ve seen so many amazing posts from you, sharing the ways you are using the prompts. It’s so exciting to see you applying the prompts to your Daisy Planners!

Wait, are some of you unfamiliar with the challenge? You have GOT to start playing and I’m here to help you get started!

The Planner Challenge is designed as a Photo-A-Day. Follow the prompt, interpret to your own style, then share. It’s a month long challenge filled with many different ways to fill in your Planner Inserts and Dori Booklets, using your kit supplies, designing your planners, plus a few experimental surprises here and there! ūüėČ wink!

Each month, prompts are provided for ideas to filling in those blank pages with different types of journaling prompts, lists and collections. If a prompt doesn’t fancy you, skip it. You could always backtrack and try something from a previous month. Could be something there you’ve never tried before! That’s why it’s so fun, trying new styles, listing and journaling¬†new things! The inspiration is there, we want you to use it, and we LOVE seeing you showing us how you use it. We want you to have fun with your planner and we definitely want you get the most out of it each month!

About the prompts. Each day of the week is organized by general topic or theme, followed by a specific prompt for that theme. Let me give you a quick walk through on how the week is setup:

1st of the Month: Introduction/ Planner Set-Up
MONDAYS: Ideas for filling in your Blank or White Space Pages (Lists)
¬† –¬†Topics/Themes included are Tasks/Goals; Lists; Organization, Routines
TUESDAYS: Ideas for filling in your Blank or White Space Pages (Journaling)
  Р Topics/Themes included are Personal Growth, Spiritual, Documenting Memories, Photo Journaling
WEDNESDAYS: Using your Cocoa Daisy Planner Kit Supplies
  РShow how you use those Cocoa Daisy planner goodies! (Specific items listed)
THURSDAYS: Incorporating Bullet Journal Styles and Techniques (More page ideas)
¬† –¬†Topics/Themes are Bullet Journal Elements/Format/Styles/Techniques, Checklists, Collections, Trackers
  РThis is all about your personal design and style (DIY, Decorating your planner, hacks, techniques, and favorite thing you included in your planner this month)
SATURDAYS: Planning (More page ideas)
  Topics included are Meals, Events, Holidays, Family, Travel and Finance
SUNDAYS: Cocoa Daisy Inserts and Dori Pages
  Providing ideas and inspiration to others on HOW you use your Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Calendar, Yearly, Weekly Overview pages and in the Dori, the horizontal grid and non-grid pages.

Sounds like fun, right? Download your free Planner Challenge Printables to start playing along. Here is the¬†April Planner Challenge.You can always¬†find the current month’s Planner Challenge in the Current Kits section of The Store and in the FREEBIES>>DAY PLANNER FREEBIES. Previous months are in the freebie section too!

I will share two from April’s Challenge. This is my DAY 7: DIY Pockets/Dividers. This was fun because I had never made one and now I have a cuter place for my planner stickers! Plus now I don’t have to flip to the inside cover, I can move this right in front of my current week. Super convenient!
Janet Perafan-Babar | Cocoa Daisy April 2017 Planner Challenge DAY 7

Here is my DAY 8: Meal Planning – Healthy & Delicious. Before I plan my meals, I make a weekly inventory of what’s in the fridge for my diet plan. Listed¬†in red is what I needed to buy. It’s healthy and delicious!
Janet Perafan-Babar | Cocoa Daisy April 2017 Planner Challenge DAY 8

(If you’d like to see more of my planner pages, I’d love to see you connect with me on¬†Instagram. I will be posting a short video showing how I made that DIY folder later this week)

Remember to use hashtag #cocoadaisyplannerchallenge when sharing your prompts so everyone can see it in the search tag. Thank you for sharing this part of your day with me and thank you for being a part of the Cocoa Daisy Community! Enjoy your planners and the time you lovingly take to create with them! Have a wonderful day! xx


  1. Simone Schermann

    I never looked at the challenge to help fill the blank pages – but yes, it is obvious. Another thing that needs to be mentioned in that huge collective post. Thank you, Janet, for creating that challenge every month!

    • Janet Perafan-Babar

      Most definitely Simone! Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays are dedicated to filling those blank pages ūüôā

  2. Laura Daniels

    Hi Janet! Great post! I enjoyed reading the summary of how you plan the CD challenge!

    • Janet Perafan-Babar

      Thank you Laura ūüôā


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