BACK TO BASICS (I): Planner Supplies.

Hello Lovely Daisies!!

How are you? This blog post is dedicated to basics, because we cannot forget about planner newbies joining our lovely community and maybe you discover a new product ore use you had never heard about, we are dividing this in two posts, the basics and the not so basics that will be posted in two weeks. Let´s get started.


Paper trimmer: It´s useful to cut big pieces of paper and make sure you´re cutting straight, it´s a time saver, if you make pockets and page markers you´ll find it super useful. If you don´t have it you can replace it using an exacto knife, a metal ruler and a cutting mat.

Scissors: Of course you need scissors, but I recommend to reserve them only for paper, if you´re also going to cut lace, fabric or thread, try to use others so that you make sure they wont dull.

Cutter: Used to cut paper or cardstock. The exacto knives are smaller and they need to be used with a cutting mat in order not to ruin your workspace ;D

Little cutter: I got this from Little B washi rolls, I use it every time I cut washi tape and I find it extremely useful, it´s small to keep in the planner and cuts perfectly.

Liquid glue: I find it not very helpful to glue little bits and pieces to planner paper but it´s very good when making pockets, covering with paper your daisy doris and making structures.

Glue stick: The best for gluing die cuts, cards or any paper piece to planner paper. Make sure you choose a strong one but that can give you the chance to move the piece before drying completely. This planner glue from Prima was included in March kit and it´s my favorite to use in the planner.

Double sided tape: It can be used to stick anything but I´ll recommend it for making structures, when decorating, sometimes we change our minds and want to move the piece, if the double sided tape was used, this wont be possible.


Scrapbook paper: Cocoa Daisy includes paper in scrapbook, DITL and planner kits, all them are coordinated and you can make thousands of pretty stuff to customise your planner such as pockets, page markers, dashboards…

Stickers: What could I say about stickers… They´re perfect, make our planners much more prettier. CD includes so many kinds of stickers that it may be difficult some times to choose. Phrases, doodles, banners, numbers, lettering… Puffy stickers are simply gorgeous, they add texture and are always pretty, (and here´s a little secret: touching them is relaxing).

Washi tape: My favorite supply, love collecting and using them EVERYWHERE, lots of different designs always matching with CD planner kits, they can be thin, standard or big will always give the perfect touch.

Die cuts: Lovely paper pieces, available in multiple sizes and materials like acetate or vellum, in the picture you can see an example of some included in Daisy day planner kit and the other two are from previous scrapbook kits. One tip here: Usually other month´s supplies can be used with your current kit, so have them in hand everytime you want to embellish your pages.

Clips: Adored by many hated by NOBODY, who doesn´t like paper clips? On every CD planner kit you can get some, but since March there are included puffy stickers that you can fold and transform into clips, some gold clips are included, what else could we, planner girls, ask for? The mini album you can see in the picture is a solution I came up with to store all the clips I own, you can find how to make it HERE.

Sticky notes: A perfect resource when you don´t feel inspirated, try to stick one or two and your creativity will inmediately start flowing, they´re included on every month´s kit, they stick very well and are always matchy matchy and pretty.

Notepads: One of my favorites, lots of pages to write in notes, other supply suitable to add contrast and interest to your planner, many sheets come on each notepad and the paper has an incredible quality and design. I simply love them.

Stamping: You´ll need a base and inks to use them (ok, you knew that) but do you know that if you color them on your planner you´ll have a unique design? I love doing it, stamping is very relaxing and it´s good for your mind, some of this are from Daisy day planner kit, some from the DITL kit and others from the Scrapbook kit, they all match. The quality is very nice, easy to clean and always sticky, great!

Cards: Wonderful resource to add more movement to your planner, make holes to match your planner and you´ll have a moving element, if you stick some washi strips to it you´ll have washi on the go.


Fabric bags: Could you get your Simon bag? I hope you could, if not, you´ll probably have one of these pretty fabric bags where you can put your planner in if you´re taking it somewhere, on holidays, on a long weekend, to your favorite coffee shop… pretty and useful.

Muselin bags: Included on EVERY Planner and DITL kit are perfect for keeping goodies, as you can see in the picture I use one of them to store alphas and they´re also good if you´re taking your planner outside and don´t want it to get hurt or something (only we know how important our pretty planners are).

Pencil pouches:  Meant to store pencils, but also planner stuff, since all our supplies are kinda small most of it will fit in them. These two in the picture were included in CD planner kits, I love their design and they´ve got a lot of room to store, so I put inside many things, maybe too many…

Paper bouffet: It´s a storage solution for allour planner supplies, you can see the tutorial HERE. If you´d like to see a video of it, please leave it down on the comments.

These are what I consider planner basics, in two weeks there´ll be a new one with not so basic supplies that can be used in planners. Stay tuned…

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Nazareth aka ladyreverse.


  1. Laura Daniels

    Great tips for beginners Nazareth! I’m sure it’ll help many as they get their feet wet in the planner world!

  2. Simone Schermann

    That is such a great idea to include a post for those who are new to the planner community! Thank you for covering this topic! I can’t wait for part 2.


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