Pretty Paper and Cupcakes

It’s been a very busy month here at Cocoa Daisy. Getting prepared for the launch of our new line of Planner Kits has resulted in many late nights consulting with our designer, arleigh  (didn’t she do a fabulous job!), and countless trips to the printer.

The team that I work with at the print shop have gone above and beyond, working with me to get the planner pages printed just the way I wanted, on time and under budget. I really wanted to give them a little something to show my appreciation for all their hard work so I dropped off some cupcakes. The cupcakes were such tempting mini works of sugary art that I had to get a few for me and the boys.

When I got home and set them down next to the stack of September papers and October Planner pages strewn about my desk, it dawned on me that it makes me very happy to have all of our papers and cards printed right here in the USA. I love having a close relationship with the people that create our product and knowing that they are as concerned about quality and excited about our product designs as I am makes them a great team to work with. So, here’s to cupcakes and pretty paper, the perfect combination!

cupcakes and pretty paper

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