Minidori May setup

Hello fellow daisies! Anna here and I thought that I would take you on a little walk through my May minidori.

This month I followed a tip I saw on YouTube and changed the cover of my dori out. I just love how that turned out! Ever since I saw this paper for the first time I just knew that I would have to use it as my cover. I decorated it ever so slightly with a bit of washi, a couple of alpha stickers and a die cut. The paper itself was decorative enough really.

My first page I use to track a couple of goals for the month. I have divided them into three sections, crafty, work and other.  Under each section I have listed a couple of things that I want to accomplish this month. Having this as my first page really encourages me to work on my goals! Plus do you see how well the back of the paper I used as the cover works with this section? Hoarding warning on the sheet that is left!

The gridded pages that are divided into two I have divided even further. There are seven sections, usually I use the right side for monday to wednesday and keep a little focus list for the week. The right side is usually used for thursday, friday and weekend. I feel like weekends tend to blur together so they might as well be just one big block. I set this section up before the month starts and that way I am able to put things in as I go. Then the heavy decoration happens during the weekends.

I say usually because sometimes, like this week I just end up journaling over the entire spread. I have just started a new job and planning hasn’t been top priority. Getting into a new routine takes time and there has been a lot of emotions and thoughts running through my mind. So I let words in ink be my decoration this week.

On the middle spread there is a little meal planning section. Or I call it a meal planning ideas section. I try to keep a running list of ideas for what to eat and jot them down as I go. So when I sit down to meal plan I just fill the little boxes out with the colors found in my color coding key. The meals are then crossed out when we’ve had them. This way we don’t have to decide what to have which day and we don’t have to have all the ideas as we sit down to meal plan. My mind is never as out of ideas as when I truly need them. Anyone else recognize that phenomena?

I washi taped one of the transparency’s here  and keep  a couple of sticky notes on it. And when I make my grocery lists I just washi tape a sheet of the notepad on to it. But most of all it looks so dang cute!

Something that I actually miss in the minidori is a month at a glance but the beauty of things is that there is always a solution! There are a bunch of fun ideas over at the Cocoa Daisy planner fans group. My solution is to take one of the personal daily pages. On the big gridded section I create squares that are 2×4 squares big and write down the numbers 1-31. Then I cut it out and stick it in my dori, you can easily chose if you want a monday or sunday start  and if you don’t have a set of the personal planner pages you can use any paper you have at hand or just simply draw it directly on the page.

Something that I started to include last month was a budget tracker. It is the simplest budget tracker of all but I like to have it so I have a clear picture of how our month is going to look. There is one section for bills to pay, one for income and then one for other things. It could be anything from loans to pay or if there is something out of the ordinary that we need to get.

I have written a blog entry over at my blog today sharing a couple of tips and tricks using this months planner kits you can find it HERE.
There is also a setup video up on my YouTube channel, you can check that out over HERE.
As always i share what is going on in my planner over at Instagram you can find me there as KaffekanAnna.

Thank you so much for checking in today and hope you will have a great day!



  1. Simone Schermann

    Thanks for sharing your setup! I love the small details you add to make it you: like the ripped tab or the “wrong” e.

  2. Kelley Coates-Carter

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Laura Daniels

    Anna! great blog post my friend! I loved seeing a page by page walk-thru of your midori! My Take-A-Way was the “Meal Ideas” page.
    Goodness I get so tired of trying to think of something the “day of” lol!!


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