Planning in the Summer?

Hello Plannerfriends!

It’s Simone again with a blogpost for you that is very near and dear to me. As you know, I love having a pretty planner but even more so, I want my planner to work for me. Last year I had my very first planner crisis during June when we had family visiting from Germany and the kids being home from school. I didn’t have the time, energy or desire to use my DaisyDori insert and so it was mostly blank. I started feeling guilty because I didn’t use it and then actually cancelled my subscription because of that.

This year I wanted to approach things differently. I had already learned that what works perfectly well one month doesn’t necessarily work the next. Earlier this year I came to the insight that yes indeed, with a system as open as the DaisyDori I do not have to plan the same each and every month. I can totally adapt the layout and setup of my pages as I need them to be. So for June I decided to completely abandon the daily planning in a personal size DaisyDori and plan and journal in a standard DaisyDori instead. I am using the first part of the DaisyDori with the sectioned grid pages for a calendar with one week on two pages. The rest of the DaisyDori is left for journaling. If you want to see what I prepared beforehand here is my June Planner Setup on youtube.

My plan was to fill the first part of the DaisyDori with little snippets of life. So that’s what I did: with black ink and stamps I added in our plans for the day and then I used stickers and washi tape (mostly from the Planner kit, Planner Addon as well as the DITL kit) to embellish the day.

I started by looking for stamps that matched our activities and stamped those first. If you look closely you can see that I used two different colors of pens. I love using two different colors on one spread and often will use black ink for our plans and blue ink for memory keeping (the fun little stories). I also saved a cup from my husband’s favorite coffee roaster and put their logo in.

For Thursday I stamped the cute crab from the June DITL kit as a little border at the bottom of the day. Then I layered several stickers and die cuts from the DITL kit embellishments to something that I consider a title. I don’t know if they officially exist in a planner, but I love to make my own rules. There wasn’t much else to say about that day because days spent in Santa Cruz are always the best so I added the city using bold lettering. I then added my snippet in blue: A sad day – my trusty old sandals unexpectedly fell apart.

There you have it: my expectations are very low key – I would love to add our plans in this front part of the DaisyDori. If I have the time and energy, I will decorate it just like the week you see here. It took me about 30 minutes in all. This way I have some idea of what happened this month and when I come back in July to fill in the rest, I can refer back. If you want to see what the first two weeks in June look like, please head over to Instagram where I posted both: Week 1 and Week 2.

Are you adjusting your planning to the different seasons in the year? How do you plan during the summer? I would love to hear!


  1. Kelley Coates-Carter

    Love these ideas Simone! Thank you for sharing them and your experiences; condolences on the sandals. I have been collecting stamps and ink and am now starting to think about how I want to functionally use them. In my head I am laughing because I can hear Laura, “focus”. lol

    • Simone Schermann

      Thank you so much for this lovely comment. I actually found a new pair of sandals by accident. So yeah!
      About the stamps: the biggest hurdle is always starting – sometimes we have these huge expectations about perfection but don’t realize that others also had to practice … so just start and continue stamping even if in the beginning the outcome might not always please you.

  2. Laura Daniels

    Simone! Great post! We do put so much pressure on ourselves sometimes to have “every thing” filled in..causing more stress than enjoyment *sigh
    It’s good to tell ourselves that Blank pages are ok and as are pages with just a little written lol!
    I found I had to make adjustments in my expectations too! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs to your day!! Laura

    • Simone Schermann

      Laura. Yes, I always struggle with my own expectations and real life. I tend to forget that my life consists of more than planning and memory keeping. Sigh.


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