Keeping Organised – Weekly Meal Planner

Hello!! It’s Lisa with you today with a confession.

I am a ‘list-a-holic’.

I have lists for everything. Chores, shopping lists, to-do’s and my most important, my weekly meal planner. Like most of you, I’m a very busy Mum/wife. Juggling work, family, home etc… Our meals have always been important to me. I like to make sure my kids eat a good balanced diet and for me to make them home cooked meals. The only way I can achieve this is by being super oragnised.

This is where my weekly menu planner comes in.

I find a few minutes to sit down with my diary each weekend to plan the menu. Meals are picked according to what after school activities are on and how much time we have etc. If I have a lot on I will choose a meal that can go in the crock pot all day, if the kids have friends over it will be something ‘kid friendly’ and so on.  By doing this, this also enables me to easily put a shopping list toegther for the week and stick to it. We don’t have much waste in our house when it comes to groceries. This meal planner is so helpful.

I have made this one for my sister as a Christmas gift, so I thought I would share this with you today and I’ve put some little step by steps together for you. It’s really easy.

1.      I started with some scraps from my October Kit, but you can use any other papers and embellishments that you have. I also have a small notebook. You can also cut paper to size and you will need a stationery clip too.


2. Take your notepad and some cardboard and cut a piece of card so it’s quite a bit larger than your notebook.


3. Choose your patterned paper that you want to cover the front of your planner and draw around the card and cut out. I like to draw on the revserse of the paper so I don’t get any pencil marks.


4.  Once the paper has been stuck in place you can tidy up the edges by trimming if needed. I also like to use a file to sand mine down.


5. The stationery clip will hold your notepad in place at the top of the board. This will also add as a hook to attach to the wall or door. You can now start to decorate your board.


6. The Heidi Swapp Word Strip Stickers that came with the DITL Kit were perfect for this Project. I stuck them on to some of the CD paper and cut out to stick on the planner board alongside the notepad.


7. I then finished adding all the pretty bits to finish it off.


8.  I brushed a Prima Chalk Ink over the White Heidi Swapp Alphas to give them some colour.


9.  The planner is now made and ready to hang.


I did add one of the little Heidi Swapp pieces to the stationery clip to pretty it up a bit.

It’s now to be filled out.

If this isn’t something that you so already, I highly recommend. It makes my life so much easier. It does also make a really nice gift for someone.

Thanks so much xxx



  1. bonitarose

    Love this.. it’s so beautiful.. I love that line of papers… this is just beautiful!

  2. kissy

    I love this so much Lisa!! What a fun way to use your scrap supplies!

  3. Denise Dayton on Facebook

    That’s it… I’m getting off FB and making this! Cool idea, absolutely beautiful work!

  4. mary blackmer walmer

    I just made something similar for my daughter with a mini clip board and some printable menu pages but I really love this idea with the blank tablet-easy to add notes,reference where the recipe is from,etc


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