July memory planning

Good morning ladies!

Sarah here this morning to share with you my first week spread in my July memory planner. Its Thursday, that means the weeks almost over!! That makes me happy, more family time! I love this months kit so much! The colors and the theme are just so pretty. I did my weeks in a theme, I think I might have got each week in a little bit of a different one or in a bit of different colors this month and love how its turning out!

This week was actually quite busy for us, I had so many more photos I from the week, but I thought I added quite a few already and of course I want to scrapbook some of them as well, lol.

I went through like I always do and added my washi on the lines that divide after I had cut down and added that pretty dotted paper to the right two columns. I went through and  added a few stickers, wrote in my appointments, things I knew we were doing and a few calls I needed to make. Then I moved to the left page and added one of the dashboards with some washi and added one of the cute tabs.

As the week went by, I added in things that we had done and pictures. I dont usually do colored photos, but that sunset was to beautiful to print in black and white! I love adding the dashboards, cards or extra pages for more pictures and thats what I did this week with the dashboard on the side. I added photos from two separate days. Some of our fun night at a friends, where the kids pulled out a big hot wheels track and about 100 hot wheel cars and played with them all! And them a few more from the 4th of July, of some of our fireworks and the bonfire we had. So much fun! And I love that I had somewhere in my planner where I could add the extra photos into!

I’m almost done with this weeks spread too, but have to add pics for the rest of the week and weekend and then I will share it on Instagram and I hope you come check it out. And make sure to check out the planner facebook group and all that the other lovely ladies create with this months planner kit and scrapbooking kits!


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  1. Simone Schermann

    Thanks for sharing your pages with us, Sarah!


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