Planner Peace (Finally!) & My Weekly Pages

Planner Peace-1

Hello there! This is Sam here to share my planner-nerd post with you today. Before this photo-heavy post, I am so proud to declare that I have finally reached planner peace! For most of the planner nerds, you would know reaching planner peace is a huge thing right? I know everyone has different definition of ‘Planner Peace’. For me, I am still finding hard to resist buying new planners (sometimes its the design / colours that are so tempting or brands that I really love). My planner peace comes from the system and inserts I am using currently. I am currently using 3 planners – my fauxdori (Happiedori) that I have made myself, 2 ring binders (one is more on social medias & work, one is for daily + personal stuff).

Planner Peace-3

I am going to show you one of the section that I have dedicated for Cocoa Daisy Weekly pages. I am currently using Cocoa Daisy Week-on-one-page and also week-on-two-pages inserts. Both for different functions. And at the same time, I am so inspired by the way Florence use her weekly inserts for inspiration quotes here. My weekly inserts from Daisy Day Planner kit are kept in this section called Hello 😉


Planner Peace-4

And here’s the pages for my January inserts – which I only use the week-on-2-page in January. I write / doodle a quote on the cover of each weekly page cover and the weekly 2 pages will be my daily events. Not so much for my to-do’s (which I have another section for that) but its more for memory keeping – for me to refer back to what had happened to that particular day.

Planner Peace-5

Planner Peace-6 Planner Peace-7 Planner Peace-8

Planner Peace-9

Planner Peace-10

Planner Peace-11

Planner Peace-12

Then here comes my February pages that I can’t wait to show you guys. I have started using the week-on-1-page again. I use it as a simple journal / record to record my pregnancy, what my toddler did and his interaction with my baby bump. He has not started talking yet so its more on things that he does each day, that warm my heart. This is so helpful especially when i want to do journalling of this on my art journal / scrapbooking pages.

Planner Peace-13

Planner Peace-14 Planner Peace-15

I have also tried prepping future weekly pages – which I don’t normally do previously. I am hoping this would save time on decorating + keep me motivated on writing on the pages, recording the daily events. This does take a whole lot of determination for someone who isn’t consistent in daily journaling like me.

Planner Peace-16

Planner Peace-17

Planner Peace-18

Planner Peace-19

Alrighty, thanks for dropping by to read such a long + photo-heavy blog post. I would love to see what do you use your weekly inserts for?



  1. Laura C - Michigan

    Love the photo heavy post! So many ideas on how to tweak my planner. Thank you

  2. Tracy Harper Shelton on Facebook

    Loved this post! Loved seeing another way to use my pages but more importantly feeling confident about how I already using them. This made me feel good.

    • Cocoa Daisy on Facebook

      Tracy, that is so great to hear your feedback, we’re glad our designers are hitting a chord with you. 🙂

  3. Lisa

    I lover getting new ideas for my planner! I love how colorful your is and how you have used so many heart stickers!

  4. lisa motta

    Do any of the kits fit in the fauxdori notebooks ?

    • Mary Kay

      Hi, Lisa. I’m afraid that none of the kits fit in the Midori-format planners.


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