Secrets to Planning on the Go!


Hello lovely Planner Daisies!

I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. So far so good for me. A few weeks ago I blogged about using my Midori Travelers Notebook for on the go traveling and cut down my inserts, once again I am on the go- this time to Monterey with my honey! I made a YouTube Video on the essentials that I bring with me on the go. I honestly tend to over pack most of the time, but I really just wanted to use one bag to put everything in, including my crafty planner goods.
[youtube id=”KSB-y6ugSDQ”]
In my Midori I don’t only plan, I also create and like to scrap/ collage on the go. I use it for challenges (#creativemidorichallenge on my instagram: livelifeandcreate) and journaling as well. So this is a mixture of art journaling and planning that’s what I love about the midori you can do whatever you want in it. Do not get me wrong, I haven’t given up my ring binders just when I am traveling for 2-3 days it is easier for me to use. The heaviness of an A5 fully set up planner can range around 5-10 pounds. Crazy right? I weighed my Kikki-K and it was 5.8 lbs the inserts do weigh it down and so do the goodies. My Midori is only 3.4 lbs- that 2.5 lbs+ does make a difference to our arm/ shoulder. At least for me it does.
What do you take with you when you travel? Are you a creator on the go? Or do you prefer working in your craft space? I love working on the go because I make a huge mess that just sits there, I have a huge pile waiting for me at home unfortunately. But they say the more creative you are the bigger the mess haha! That just makes me the most creative person in the world then. But all jokes aside, using the items shown in the video above does help me a great ton. That’s how I keep up with documentation and not falling behind. There is no wrong way to create, I just wanted to share a few secrets of mine on how I stay productive. One comment I get the most is “You get so much done! How do you do it?” Multi-tasking baby- not just at home, but on my breaks. I full take my time and get little projects done. Ten-Twenty minutes can make a huge difference for me and that’s what works for me 🙂
 FullSizeRender (3)
Until next time! Stay cool and have a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter to those who celebrate it.
– Florence

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