Scrapbooking Old Photos


I found this photo on my desk recently, stuffed in a pile of other random photos, and decided to make a layout with it this month.  It’s one of my child ten years ago and it made me feel very nostalgic.  I mean, seriously, look at that confident smile and those sweet baby cheeks.  I die.  I wrote my journaling directly onto the background cardstock with a sharpie marker.  I think reflecting back ten years, my thoughts are quite a bit different now than they were then.  My perspective has changed and my child has changed.  Time moves on so quickly, but we really don’t realize that as it’s happening.


Then I happened to scrapbook a more recent photo of my son, my big almost eleven year old on his first day of fifth grade and his last year in elementary school.  After just scrapbooking his baby photo of ten years ago, I couldn’t help but wonder how my perspective will change about these school photos ten years from now and how much he will change in those ten years.  It’s a good reminder to hold onto every moment, cherish every moment, and then take a few moments to write the thoughts in your heart down on a scrapbook page.  🙂


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