Dissecting Design: Band Across the Page


Today’s design tip is an easy one to adapt.  It’s simply to place your photos in a line across the page, creating a band of sorts.  I used a 4×6 photo, a 3×4 photo, and a 3×4 frame/journaling card combo to stretch across my page.  You could easily modify this design by adding another 3×4 photo in place of the embellishments that I added.  The combinations are endless, really.  Two 4×6’s, four 3×4’s, a pair of contact photo sheets, etc.  The trick, I think, is to use something to draw special attention to one photo in the band, making it the focal point.  I did this with the little frame over my journaling card.

Once the photos are in place, it’s easy to tuck stuff above and below them to complete the design.  I layered patterned paper behind my photos on the top and bottom edges and then added some word stickers, tabs, and tags.  Since my photos are mostly in the upper half of the design, I was left with plenty of space to layer a 4×6 journaling card below to hold my title and journaling and then added another large piece of patterned paper to balance it out.

This is a great design to work with!  We’d love to see what you create with it!

Happy Scrapping!

Doris Sander

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