Not Just for Pockets Anymore

But, pockets are good, too!

Good morning, All! Happy Tuesday! Are you all looking forward to the August kits’ arrival? You will not be disappointed. Did you get the DITL kit? If so, we’ve got a TON of inspiration for you all today! So many ideas in pockets and not in pockets. The DITL kit is not just for pockets, anymore!

Kelly’s page, utilizing that cool grades card is amazing! I love the angels and her typed journaling on the 4×6 card.

Marie’s pocket page, using the kit, is gorgeous! I love the black and white with the blues!

Moon’s page includes elements cut from the DITL cards. Awesome idea, Moon! If you can’t use all of the rectangle cards, cut out the images and use them just like you would use die cuts.

Suz created a a 2 page pocket page. Perfect for those of you using the kit to keep your weekly documentation projects up top date. I love the title card with the journaling under the bird on the wire!

I love how Suzanna used the cards from the kit here. Here’s what she had to say and she’s got a process video for you, as well. Check out her channel here: Lee 

DITL cards on layouts are my favorite way to do blocked layouts if I’m not using the cards as layers behind my photos. I also used a Gelato and one of the main kit stamps to create my own card as there weren’t many cards with the pink or black in them that suited this layout. Check out my process video on my YouTube channel to see how this layout came together. 

Last up is my page. I used that same journal card as Suz, for my title, but I covered up the bird with a cloud, to better fit my theme. If the images just don;t quite work with your page, use die cuts or other elements to make it your own.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the inspiration today. The team hit it out of the park! I can’t wait to see what you all create, when your kits arrive soon!

Have an awesome day and rest of your week!


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