Tips & Tricks : one sketch three layouts! (video included)

Hello Daisies!! Moon here to share some layouts based on the same sketch.
I always love simple and clean style that usually keeps photos as the focal point.
It also means that the memories are the most important things to me.

I usually started with a simple sketch that actually gives me more creative spaces.
However, sometimes when I feel lazy, I just follow the sketch as it is.
While I don’t have to worry about how to place my photos or embellishments,
I have more time playing with the color combos or even finding some old supplies to match.

prom dress NZ


The second layout is actually very similar to the first one.
Since my hubby really likes to take panoramic photos, I developed it into two 4*6 photos to record the nice scene of the great wall.
Instead of four small photos, I really love how it looks like to show the different posibilities of the same sketch.

Obviously, you can tell I turned the sketch 90 degree to make the final layout.
Love using the 3*4 DITL card as the title for my layout!
Adding some stickers, die-cuts, and stitching to give more interesting details!

Here is the step-by-step video of my first layout.
Let’s be creative and have fun!

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  1. julie b

    Love your tips and tricks (and your style/design). thank you!


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