Summer Snapshot Inspiration

Hello everyone! Suz here with some summer snapshot inspiration to share!


Summer just made its warm welcome into our household this past week and with it (along with the arrival of my June Cocoa Daisy DT kits- Can you say must travel now!?) emerged my proclivity to wander and my desire to scrap all things summery! It also has me dreaming of an upcoming summer trip and some of the images I hope to capture. So, I thought it would be fun to share a few mood boards of images that has inspired my summer lovin’ soul here with you today. Here we go…


Sources: sunset picnicsummertime chalkboard, surfing bound

The mood board above reminds me that I not only want to document the foods and good eats of summertime, but to capture a few glorious sunsets as well! And in the bottom right image, I am reminded that I want to capture an image of my boys walking to the beach (or along the beach) with their surf gear.


Sources: dockside fun, ubackdrop, ice cream sandwich

This (above) mood board reminds me to capture some action shots of family and friends in their element and to take a few silhouette photos. It reminds me to get an image or two of myself and a few captures of vehicles we are driving, loaded up for a road trip of travel fun. (top right) And lastly, the bottom right image challenges me to take some close up photos with fun landscapes in the background. (bottom right)

Christmas photography backdropsSources: hammockstarfish, sunset with flip-flops 

Finally, this mood board reminds me to capture the beauty of nature in summer and to sit back and to relax a little along the way. It reminds me to zoom my lens on the little details of life and to expand out to see the gorgeous horizons beyond!


What type of images do you want to capture from this summer? Do you have any special lenses you want to try out or apps/filters that you have been itching to try? Please share below your thoughts as well as any filters you love, lenses you love, or photography techniques you want to try.

Have a beautiful Tuesday!


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  1. Laura C - Michigan

    Love this Suz! Makes me want to try to remember to capture what I love about summer


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