Birthday Card with Removable Badge


Today we have a quick and easy birthday card with a removable badge, perfect for putting the spotlight on the birthday boy or girl at the big birthday bash!

To create this badge you will need a pinked circle punch, a slightly smaller circle punch, some brightly colored patterned papers, number stickers, pop dots, and a safety pin.  You will need to punch two pinked circles and one smaller circle.  The “ribbon” banners are freehand cut from strips of paper.  First staple the ribbon banners to one pinked circle.  Add a pop dot and the next pinked circle, then add another pop dot with the smaller circle and the birthday boy or girl’s age.  Finally, tape a safety pin to the back and add it to the card base with another pop dot.  The badge can then be easily removed to wear at the party.  🙂



  1. Lisa Saunders

    What a great idea!

  2. julie

    Cute card and love how you layered the numbers and *…..great color combo. Was there a paper combo post this month that I missed? Thanks!


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