Daily Planning in a Daisy Dori. Functional and pretty?

Yes, I absolutely think that is possible!

Last Friday I received my Cocoa Daisy October Planner kits and they looked fabulous (as usual). So on Saturday I filmed the unboxing video and then went to work right away knowing that I had this blogpost coming up today. To be honest, I wasn’t ready to start setting up my planner for October. But I am really glad I did, I am leaving for my sister’s wedding on October 1st and I’m already starting to get a bit anxious with all the things I still want to do before.

Lately, I have focussed my creative energy or rather my creative outlet more on scrapbooking and journaling and not so much on planning. I went from a nicely decorated planner where I used lots of stickers and stamps to a really plain notebook where I only used a highlighter, a black pen and a pencil on a day to day basis. The great thing about the Cocoa Daisy Daisy Dori inserts is that they are already pretty to begin with. But I wasn’t really satisfied with that. Wait! What if I put in some decoration when I set up my planner for the month? And try to use those things that I often don’t use when planning?


Puffy clip toppers

Unfortunately, I don’t use paperclips that stick out of my planner. So every month when these amazing puffy clip toppers were included in our kits, I missed out! Last month, I had the idea to make a charm for my planner with one of them. This month, I took it to the next level – I used two of those puffy stickers. All of the things I used were included in our kits at some point, I simply took apart and reassembled some of the other charms.


celebrity dresses

Have you seen the amazing planner spreads Kylie and Jomelle from the planner team always share on Instagram? They often bring in texture using stamps. The stamp set that was included in the Planner kit this month is perfect for that. I used Memento inks that are often sold in coordinating colors in the shop on Reveal Night (Pear Tart, Cantaloupe). Then I took the large stamp that looks like a paint stroke and partially stamped it on every page where I would later build my date cluster. I alternated the ink colors on each double spread. Then I went over those paint strokes with the dot stamp that looks like water or paint droplets. For that I used the brown Color Box Chalk ink that was included in September’s pocket memory keeping kit.

Sticker Flakes

formal dresses

Once I was done with that, I added the date flags and day stickers from the functional sticker sheet. And finally to complete my date clusters, I added one of the pretty confetti from the kit to each of the clusters. Now every single page has a little bit of embellishing on it and I can use my pen and highlighter in October and still have pretty and personalized pages.

Reveal Night

human braiding hair

Maybe you have seen one of Anna’s Reveal Night (and Sneak Day) decorations in her planner spreads. I love them and I wanted to have them in my planner, too. In September, Sneak Day (always on the 15th of every month) passed without me getting my Simon stamp out. So for October, again I decided to mark this special day right when I was setting up the Daisy Dori. And I’m so in love with how it turned out: it makes me absolutely excited to plan and get to use it! There is even a date flag for reveal on the functional sticker sheet!

Pretty stickers

There is one sticker sheet in the Planner Add-On kit that I often struggle with. Not because I don’t like it! Quite the contrary, most of the time those stickers are so pretty and often bear such meaningful phrases that I don’t want to waste them. Or they just don’t fit into the theme of my memory planning spreads. For October, I decided to add them to my planner insert. I went through the pages and tried to add the stickers to places where they would best fit in. In the top photo, there is a purple flower going down the side on a page where there a purple them. On the Reveal Night photo you can find a dragonfly mixed into lots of other dragonflies. And lastly in this photo backdrop I created a little cluster using one of the die cut boxes, a strip of washi and the fox.


I love that the Cocoa Daisy kits usually recognize certain days, holidays, special celebrations throughout the year but that they never center around one specific day. I found those two Halloween stickers on the A5 planner sticker sheet: a Halloween label and a pumpkin arrow and used them to indicate this day in my planner!

Thank you so much for sticking with me all the way through the end. I hope some of my ideas inspired you to look at your supplies in a different way. And maybe even try some of the things I just shared!

I have filmed my whole planner setup process for you, if you need more ideas on where to place things and want to know more about my thought process, head on over to youtube.





  1. Kylie Kingham

    A lovely layout Simone. Love your stamping and embellishment clusters.

    • Simone Schermann

      Thank you, Kylie! I have been analyzing your layouts and learning along the way!

  2. Laura Daniels

    Great blog post Simone! Loved the Simone stamp reveal night and the Puffy sticker planner charms! Thanks for sharing!

    • Simone Schermann

      Thank you so much, Laura!

  3. Marie Sheil

    That was awesome thanks for great inspiration Simone

    • Simone Schermann

      Thank you, Marie. I’m so happy you were inspired and left a comment! It’s always nice to see that someone cares enough! You made my day!

  4. Kelley Coates-Carter

    Agreed. I love the stamping and suggestions. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy the wedding!

    • Simone Schermann

      Thank you so much, Kelley! I’m sure I will enjoy being with family and friends and especially seeing all the new additions to the family.


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