How do you PLAN your planner?

Well hello sweet friends!  It’s been a while and I’m so glad to be able to sit and chat with you for a bit!  I’m always so inspired by each of you on the Planner Fans group!  You guys have got it …going on!!!!  Today I wanted to give you a peek inside my Daisy A-5 planner set up for September.   As many of you … I like to follow the same routine in setting up my planner each month, it makes the process enjoyable and peaceful!

So let’s begin, shall we?  In the pages just prior to my monthly view I set up 2-pages.

1.Mini Calendar view: Here I circle appointments and events, and place a puffy sticker over birthdays and celebrations.  So I have a quick clear view as to how busy my month is or isn’t!

2. The page on the right is my “Currently” page. Oh my gosh, this is so fun to look back on!!  One of my favorites is always,” Out the Window” since it changes with the seasons, and months!  I suggest choosing 6-8 things that you’d love to make a record of for the year!  Remember, you’re writing your story.. so you choose what’s important and fun to YOU! (hugs)

Do I love the monthly view? Ubetcha lol! It’s always so fun to get creative with it! I always choose my two tip-ins first then build the color scheme from there!  My Entire planner each month is a “log” of my written story.  What to write on the inside of your tip ins? How about your 2-favorite memories of the month with a photo!

The back side of the monthly calendar view has …

1.Bucket list page: this is so fun to get creative with each month, and it helps me to focus on the lighter side of life.  Fun, certainly make the heart happy! Don’t you agree?

2.Cocoa Daisy Challenge:  What a fabulous idea this challenge is!  I hope to get more regular with postings!  Are you participating? I find it incredibly inspirational, and after browsing it each day I ad new ideas to my “add-on” list! Then once a week I’ll get creative with my planner and add all the new inspirational ideas from you guys!!!  Be sure to give my sweet friend Simone a follow on Instagram!   She does great post’s for the challenge each month!   Here’s where to find her!


This and That: My page to add random to do’s that don’t have a specific date.. “This and That’s” that simply come up through-out the month.  A landing page of sorts lol!

Got this fabulous idea from Christine the owner of Cocoa Daisy!  If you don’t watch her Planner walk through’s each month be sure to subscribe to her Channel! I promise you’ll love it. It’s something I look forward to each month, with pen and paper in hand to write down all her awesome ideas!  You can find Christine’s channel here!  Cocoa Daisy You Tube

Now for a look at my weekly pages:

Weeklies: I have to admit it took me a while to figure out how I wanted to use my weekly pages..and I have to say I have found “planner peace” and absolutely love what I’ve started doing!  Here’s a hint… My weekly pages are my “written story of my week” .  I’ll be going in to detail on my next blog post in October! So stay tuned (hugs)

Well that’s it!  It’s all I got lol!  Hopefully it inspired you with your own planner!

I encourage you to take a look through your own planner set up, go back through the last 6 months and pay attention to what you log each month, the pages that bring you joy!  Then make a list for October! When you know ahead of time how “you” like to set up your planner each makes the set up process even more fun and enjoyable!…and that is what Cocoa Daisy is all about!

Have an incredible day and be sure to come pay me a visit on Instagram and Pinterest



Until we meet again Hugs, Blessings and Cocoa Daisy kisses!



  1. Kelley Coates-Carter

    Thank you Laura! This was lovely AND you anticipated all of my questions. Have always wondered what was on the back of those tip ins. Now with this post and another you did earlier this year (post May on time frame, as I am a relative newbie) on your planner set up approach, I might be able to…. Well let’s not get ahead of myself. thanks again!

    • Laura Daniels

      Kelley! You are too cute!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I always love hearing from you, and it makes me happy I was able to inspire you! It’s always a creative journey every step of the way..isn’t it? We learn over time whats a good fit.. and discover what makes us smile! For me it’s creating something to look back on that will show me the story I’ve written! Have an incredible day my friend and I can’t wait to see your photos on Planner fans! Hugs!

  2. Neha

    This is gorrrrrgeous! I admit I’m a little stuck when it comes to decorating because it’s all so overwhelming, but your layout gives me absol fantastic tips on how to get started. Thank you!

    • Laura Daniels

      Neha! Girl I always love your photos! So..I look forward to seeing what you’ll create (hugs) and I’m glad I was able to inspire you. Just remember… my friend, You’re writing your story in your planner…no one else’s.. so enjoy the process and do what makes Beautiful Neha happy!! That’s ALL that matters! Have an incredible day sweetie!


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