Planning- stepping outside of your comfort zone

Hello Sweet Dasies!


It’s the last week of October and it feels like it’s still the first week. Every time I write a blog entry I feel that way. Time passes by so quickly and in a blink of an eye we’ll be welcoming November. But before we get ahead of ourselves I wanted to share with you my WO2P for my last week of October. I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone with stamping. If you notice, I do not incorporate it much with my layouts. Why?

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I think it’s very time consuming, and I tend to stick with the typical black ink. I know, so plain Jane. But I wanted to use some new stamps that I got from Sakuralala¬†they were too cute not to use, and since I had them with me, I wanted to force myself to use her collection. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is important. I know stamping isn’t my strength, but it also is important to use what’s in your stash. What’s something that you may be avoiding on using? Whether it’s a certain sticker set, not knowing how to use washi, pens, etc. I challenge you to pick it up and use it. Use it to it’s fullest advantage and make it known it was well used in your spread.



That’s me in the middle, ¬†Jennifer (mypurpleylife) to the left and Vienna (my_planner) to the right



I also used a freebie sticker set that I received at a meet up this past weekend. Which Cocoa Daisy was one of the generous sponsors, thank you Christine! If you are wanting to participate in meet ups, I say join planner facebook groups and try to see if there are groups that are within your area and start going to the events. They’re totally fun and you get to spend time with people that have the same interest as you. It’s a win win!

Currently recovering from an exciting weekend and I still have more fun ahead. Ahh! I need to rest up. Until next time!


Florence Antonette


    • Niki Beal

      I love looking at your planner blogs! Seeing what you do with your WO2P really gives me lots of ideas and makes me feel like o can be creative. Thank you for sharing!

      • florenceantonette

        Aw thank you!


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