Fall, Fall Everywhere…

Hey All! Happy Friday and Happy Fall! Today I’ve got some serious mini book eye candy to share with you all! The team really outdid themselves in the mini book medium this month! 🙂 Me, I love mini books. They have always been my favorite projects to scrapbook. It probably comes from my days of working in a LSS in my town. We were known for our mini books and mini book classes. We loved mini books and so did our customers!

Well, I digress. 🙂 Want to see what the girls made?

Let’s start with Katherine…
katherine mb
I love that she used a portion of a Starbucks sleeve for the title. You know me, love my Starbucks and combined with my love of mini books, makes this perfect for me! I also love that Katherine used a couple shipping tags and the muslin ribbon as a closure for her little book.

Next up is Miriam…
miriam mb 01
Miriam created THE cutest Fall tag mini book. So cute! I love the stitched on kraft letters and the cute fox on the cover tag.

miriam mb 03
Look at that cute chipboard house. Oh, I die. 🙂

miriam mb 04
More adorable stitched on kraft numbers.

Next up is Lisa. Lisa loves Disney and especially at Halloween.
lisa mb 01
Lisa’s accordion Halloween mini book is ADORABLE! I just love this chunky little book!

lisa mb 03
See what I mean? So chunky and so, so fun!

lisa mb 08
The insides are just delicious! 🙂

Last up is me.
I used one of the cute muslin bags that the DITL kits and Daisy Planner kits come in as the cover. I have a long arm stapler and I just layered up a bunch of papers, a glassine bag and a transparent page and stapled down the center, just like a dori insert to create this fun mini book.


I tucked the cute sweater card from the DITL kit in the glassine bag to add journaling or a photo to when I complete the book later on.

There you have it! Fall/Autumn/ Halloween! Such fun mini book ideas! We’ve all got a bunch of photos from this favorite season of mine! Why not put a few in a mini book?

Check out more of these mini books in the October gallery and don’t forget to share your mini books with us.

Have a great day, weekend and Halloween, All!


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  1. Julie B

    Fabulous inspiration……love minis for their instant gratification. These are so darn cute! Thank you for the post, Alissa.


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