Three Tips from One Layout


This layout was so quick to make, and I think that was because I let the color work for me.  I essentially went with the “gallon, quart, pint” concept.  My background color is tone-on-tone and almost a neutral.  Such an easy color to work with (gallon sized).  My design area is mainly monochromatic in that 90% of my papers and embellishments are in that lovely aqua blue (quart sized).  Then I added a simple little visual triangle in a bright pop of red (pint sized).  The colors are all working for me rather effortlessly.  I like that!

And a couple of bonus tips:

1. check for dominant colors in your photos that might throw off your design.  I only added two red embellishments, because the third corner of my visual triangle was in that bright red truck in the photo.

2. hand the camera over to your child – my son has recently acquired his first smartphone and used it to take several photos on a recent trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with his dad.  It was so neat to see the trip from his perspective!

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