Goal Setting in My January DaisyDori


I absolutely LOVE making lists and setting goals in January.  A fresh start in the new year is so motivating.  This year was extra inspiring as I did all my brainstorming in my January DaisyDori.  I made a little video of what I have done so far, but the month is still young!  I especially focused on finding extra places to tuck in even more goals and plans for the new year.  I hope it gives you a few ideas as well!  🙂


  1. Tricia Romo

    This is wonderful Doris! I love the way you have your DaisyDori setup, very inspiring!!

    • doris

      Thanks, Tricia! I just adore that thing!

  2. Arleigh on Facebook

    i love how you showed the ways to gain “real estate” on the pages with lots of graphics.

    • Doris

      Thanks! I had seen that mentioned a couple of times, so I wanted to address the concern since I adore having your artwork in the planners! 😉


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