Washi and Go!!

Happy Fall Y"all! It is by far my favorite season of all! What is your favorite season?

This month I'm here to talk about a washi holder I made. I am going to try to show you how I made it so you too can recycle, reuse, and keep your favorite washi at your fingertips inside your planners! Would you like that? Well, read on sweet friends.

My husband travels a lot and always has the hotel keys that just get thrown away (some do get returned to the front desk).I decided that the ones that make it home would not be thrown away but, put to good use! My favorites are the ones in little folders! I've used the keys for some time now for smearing paint on paper for a unique look and for putting washi around. I like them for washi so i don't have to have the whole bulky roll in my bag. This past winter i decided to cover and embellish the folder to keep the card filled with washi in! Here is how i did just that! Grab your supplies and let’s get crafty! Enjoy!

First, pick out all the goodies you want to use!! Make sure you have the following:

Hotel key folder and key card

several coordinating pieces of card stock (I chose one of the CD free printables and a couple of the CD exclusive papers)

adhesive (I used the Zig 2 way glue and tombow mono permanent adhesive)




embellishments of your liking (NOT NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE PROJECT) (I used a tab, stamps, string, sticky notes, and a planner charm)

Second, place the folder on the cardstock you want on the front of your folder and onto the cardstock trace the folder (with a pencil, so you can erase if needed). I used the free printable for October

Third, cut the cardstock on the lines you drew.

Fourth, take the piece of cardstock you cut and trace it onto the cardstock you wish to use for the back of your folder.
Fifth, Repeat third step.


Sixth, if you are stamping now is the time to stamp the front or the back. Save all other embellishments for the end.
Seventh, Glue the cut out cardstock pieces for the front and the back onto the folder with your adhesive.
Eighth, for the background of the inside of the folder, place the cardstock inside of your open folder in the pocket. You should have over hang on the top and the left side. ( the very bottom of the folder will not be covered, if this bothers you, you can use ink or paint to cover it.)


Ninth, with the folder still open turn folder over and trace the folder onto the cardstock for the inside of the folder.

Tenth, cut the cardstock on the line you traced.

Eleventh, (This step i did after trying to glue the cardstock into the folder and it failed) Put the paper into the folder (NO GLUE YET) and close the folder folding the card stock in about half. Trim off the edge that sticks out. Take the cardstock out and cut on fold.


Twelfth, use a strong adhesive to glue the inside pieces of cardstock that you cut into the folder. (yes, there will be a seam you can see. We will cover it;) )

Thirteenth, take another coordinating piece of cardstock and place inside the folder. this piece will be for the pocket
Fourteenth, trace the line where the pocket is.

Fifteenth, take the cardstock out and cut on the line you traced for the pocket.

Sixteenth, glue the cardstock you cut for the pocket onto the folder pocket.

Seventeenth, wrap string around the middle where the crease is and tie into a knot. (I used several strings here for a little bulk and interest)

Eighteenth, add washi to the card (TIPs: If you don’t have a card you can use a tag. When cutting your washi make sure you do not cut it at the edge of the card, go for a more in the middle approach so you can find the edge easier later)

Nineteenth, add all the embellishments your heart desires!!

can you find tiny Simon?

You now know how to make a mini washi folder! I hope you enjoyed the process as much as i did!!

For fun I also added a charm to the string and of course i couldn't just waste all the space on the front of the inside of the folder, so some sticky acorn notes were glued in! I also like to add paper clips on the pocket for some added cuteness. If you make one for yourself be sure to post and tag me!! I want to see your washi folders!! On IG i am @chipped_in_time_

I want to add that I asked my daughter to read and make a washi holder following these instructions without any pictures. I wanted to make sure the instructions were somewhat understandable. I think she did an excellent job, don’t you?
If you have any tips that would help me and our other readers or questions or comments add them below!! Thank you, guys, for stopping by!!
Have a crafty day


  1. Amy Cleaver

    Love it!!!! I’ve got to make one now!!!

    • Kami Higgins

      I cant wait to see your creation!!

  2. Laura Daniels

    What a fun idea Kami, and great step by step directions..loved it! ??

  3. Emily Pitts

    Really clever, and I love your tip on cutting in the middle, not the edge of the washi tape! So helpful 🙂

  4. Simone Schermann

    Wow – Kami, what a detailed tutorial, thank you so much for sharing your creativity!


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