Planner Organization



The one thing I love about Cocoa Daisy inserts is the fact that they give you so much variety each month. You have pages for monthly, week on two pages, week on one page, notes, and daily pages! I want to give you a peek into how I set up my month and what I use each set of pages for. They really do make planner organization easy and not to mention beautiful!


To start off my month I use this notes pages to jot down any to-dos that need to happen. These aren’t always things that need to happen in a particular week, they are just things I would like to have accomplished by the month’s end. In the summer I imagine this page will be a little more full as the nice weather will allow for all the those garden and home things I like to do.


Next is my monthly spread, this is really just for planning appointments, vacations, my husband’s work schedule, and any school or extracurricular activities the kids may have. I keep it pretty clean so when I’m trying to make an appointment I can easily see what days I have open.


After my monthly spread I like to use the week on one page with notes for meal planning. I love that they include these inserts! It’s really nice for meal planning, but if you like to plan your week on one page these are perfect for that too. I tend to plan out our meals on one side and then use the notes side to make a short list of things I need that week to make those meals. I then take that list and add it to my master grocery list when I go shopping.


Next are my week on two page spreads. This is where I get to have a little fun and do some decorating along with my planning. I use stickers and washi to note appointments and reminders. I try not to put in a lot of tasks on my weekly spread, those will usually go on my daily sheets. These are great for me because I like to see my week all together! Here are two more examples.



In between your weekly pages are these nice note pages! I use these a lot for jotting down grocery lists or maybe information for an appointment when I’m on the phone. We had a trip coming up so I used this particular week to start making a list of things I needed to buy before we left. I love how it’s tucked nicely between the week before we left and the week we traveled.


Lastly are my daily pages. I used this cute pink clip to make them easy to turn to. I don’t always use my daily pages, only on really busy days or days I feel like I need more planning space. I love that they are undated and I have the option to use them or not because our planning needs do change.

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I organize my pages!

Happy planning!

xoxo Tricia