The March Calendar is a Busy One!

How is March planning progressing for you?  Is your March Madness bracket holding steady?  Are you excited for the first day of spring?  Have you donned your gardening gloves yet?  Have you already begun spring cleaning?  Is it still snowing in your part of the world?

As you can see, Annie (@paperedlove on instagram) is a busy student and uses her monthly calendar to keep her classes, work, and personal life in balance.  I especially love how she slips in a notepad sheet here with a quick list of must do’s for the day.  Her planner is so charming that it must really brighten her day each time she opens it.

P.S.  If you’re looking for a closer look at the April Planner Kits, here is a little unboxing video from Doris.  The April kits are sold out, but there are still planner pages, the notepad, the exclusive planner sticker sheet, and the monthly countdown stickers available (HERE).


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