November Set up Flip Through

November!  Oh, my has this year just flown by!  I can’t even believe its already November and we are getting ready for snow, and hot drinks to keep you toasty warm!!

Today it is beautifully sunny out but the week ahead forecast is for cold and snow here in Regina, Saskatchewan and I am not looking forward to it!!  I think I would like to become an early snowbird and fly south for the winters!!  As a friend says I can’t believe I choose to live in a place that my face hurts when I go outside!

Enough about the weather lets get on with the planning!!  I really had fun these past few days decorating my planner.  This month I decided to go ahead and pre-decorate the whole month rather then decorating as the week comes into view to maybe help me with using up the kit, as well as if I run into a busy week it still looks great with all the stickers and such!  The back half of my Dori this month I will use for memory keeping and so I haven’t done anything in there yet, but I hope you will enjoy my planning pages in this video and then perhaps come back to my youtube channel at the end of the month for a flip through of the whole book!

Happy Planning!



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  1. Simone Schermann

    I would love to know how the pre-decorating worked for you? Thank you for sharing your setup!


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