Planner time: How to make your own Traveller´s Notebook pocket

Hello lovely Daisies!

This month I´ve been enjoying Cocoa Daisy´s MARRAKESH scrapbooking kit using it to decorate my planner and also make some useful things I´d like to share with you so I decided to make a pocket for your Traveller´s notebook, it will add some extra room for goodies you want to carry with you and make your journaling easier.



  • 12×12 paper
  • Trimmer, scissors and glue
  • Ruler
  • Your Daisy dori or traveller´s notebook (only to measure)
  • Optional: Washi tape, laminator and laminator paper.


1 Measure your Traveller´s notebook

Measure its width and add done more inch

Measure its length and add 3 and a half inch more for the pocket

Trim your 12×12 paper

If you want to laminate your pocket this will be the perfect moment to do it.

2 Make the pocket

Make a crease at 3 and a half inches from the bottomDSC_0007

Use your trimmer or scissors to cut half an inch from both sides but stop when you get to the crease (that will make the pocket flaps)DSC_0008


Optional: If you want your pockets to be triangular fold your paper in half and cut from the middle up to the cornerDSC_0010


Glue your flaps with the glue you preferDSC_0012


You could finish here but, to add more interest, you could make another pocket on the other side and secure with some washi (in case you didn´t laminate it)


3 Optional. Make another pocket (Room is never enough)

Get another piece of paper, same width than the previous one but 4 inches longDSC_0014

Make half inch creases on three sidesDSC_0015

If you want triangular pockets follow the same step as before: fold it in half and trim from the middle up to the corner but make sure you´re not cutting the flapDSC_0016


Glue it down to your paper


4 Secure

Add some washi, besides decorating your pocket it will prevent the parts that are in touch with the elastics from ripping. Make sure you stick it to this middle part.DSC_0020

5 Add it to your Traveller´s notebook.DSC_0021


Isn´t it nice and useful?

Thanks for your time!!

Nazareth Moreno


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