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I am Estelle,  one of the new recruites of Cocoa Daisy:

My name is Estelle, my scrapbooking pseudo is Opsite. I am 39 years oold, I have 3 children (10yo, 7yo and 2yo) and I live in Paris, France.

I have been scrapping for 15 years, it gives balance to my life.

I do Scrapbook pages, Project Life, cards, December Daily, altered items, Pocket letters but what I like most to do are mini albums because it allows me to tell a full story with all the pictures I put into them.

Here are ten random facts about me:

I  cant ‘t wait to read your thoughts and let me know if you have one of those ten things in common 😉

1-     My first name means « star » in Latin.

2-     I like geometric forms for scrapping (triangles, circles, hexagons, squares).

3-     My pseudo comes from a waterproof bandages brand. It is a nickname I was given when I was working at a children cardiology hospital (but this story is for another time).

4-     I am of French Caribbean descent.

5-     Way back when, I was kind of an athlete (track and field, dance, karate) but much less now because I am a mum of three and I scrap.

6-     My 2 and a half years old daughter is a huge fan of Lady Gaga but since she does not speak a single word of English, it’s fine.

7-     I dream of going to New York again (maybe next year hopefully).

8-     I see the Eiffel Tower almost every day and I keep looking at it with wonder.

9-     I am a pediatric physiotherapist.

10- I am a really recent Marvel fan and I have a ton load of movies to catch up on.
 The links to my active social medias:
My “About me “layout:

To conclude, a little tip for you:

The tip I will share with you is my process to glue the layout’s triangles at your taste.

First, I lay all the triangles on the sheet and I take a picture. It is easier to see the imperfections in the picture than on the sheet itself.

I repeat the process until I think it is the way I imagined it and then I glue the triangles.

Second, I use liquid glue instead of double sided tape. In fact, it takes a little time for the glue to dry so you get time to adjust the position of the triangles if you need.

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and getting to know us (the Memory Keeping Team) a little bit better!

Have fun



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  1. Simone Schermann

    I would have never thought to pair this kit with yellow but it looks amazing!


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