All about me- Celma

My name is Céline, celma on the net.
I am married with a soldier, I have 2 big boys 18 & 20 ans. I am French, I live in Normandy.
I love dark chocolate, red fruits and lemon.
I like pastel colors, red all the shades of beige and gray.
I am rather discreet but very open to those around me.
They say that I am a perfectionist, I like things well done, don’t you?
I always have several projects at the same time, I like to create …
When I flip through a magazine I always start at the end.
The most important thing for me is the well being of my family.
I love romantic comedies and happy endings.
Christmas is the time that I prefer, I don’t like to be cold but it’s good hot chocolate, a good coffee, hummmm ….
When I go on vacation I always bring 2 Pounds of Pockets.

My layout:

For those who discover me today 2 things are important in my scrap

The harmony, with Cocoa Daisy kits we don’t ask any questions, there is nothing to do on this side and my back ground. I like using water color and with it I make some spots.

In this realization I used liquid ink with a brush with water.

It’s quite difficult to control where the ink will fall and in what quantity, so tou have to make some protection with a paper to stain that desired area.



  1. Simone Schermann

    Celine, I love your layout! Can’t wait to see all the great things you will create!

    • celma

      thank you, thank you !!!!


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