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Hello lovely Daisies!!

I hope you´re having a wonderful summer week!! Today I bring you some handwriting tips if any time you want to make your planner even fancier with cute calligraphy. What about getting out our comfort zone and try out some new techniques? Calligraphy needs some practice, but to start off we´ll see some very easy typos, it doesn´t matter if at first it doesn´t come out as you would like, it´s absolutely normal, it´s all about practice, playing and letting your imagination flow.


For this project I used Cocoa Daisy planner paper, it´s got really good quality by its thickness and texture, one of the wonderful CD´s black fine tip pens included in previous kits, gel pens, a pencil and an eraser. That´s all!

Let´s start by thinking that they´re not words, haha, no, I´m not crazy, we are going to DRAW words, so let´s see them like they´re pictures or doodles.

This first “to do” is very simple, just draw double lines in the first half and then decorate. Only need to take care of the length and width.





The second kind is combining this first we learned with one with separated letters but joined by a line. First, I sketched the words with a pencil to know where I need to write so that it´s centered, I normally don´t write right where I sketched at first beause I normally do it wrong, so I look at it and try to do it properly. (Practice needed here :D) I made the fancy part “end” with a gel pen to give it more interest.


_DSC6803 _DSC6804


Next I made some “fake callygraphy” and that´s exactly what I wrote on the paper, also sketched it first. The key is to know where the double line has to be, it´s usually on the lines that go downwards when writing, to make it easier I make them on the left side of the letter. After making it, just color the inside of both lines. Here´s the process.








Here´s another example:




Last but not least I´d like to encourage you to do some lettering, it´s just mixing typos you like in one piece. I used CD´s notepad and a brush pen to write “lettering” but it could also be made with “fake caligraphy” 😀

I´m sorry for this picture, my camera didn´t want to be my friend this time, it is to show you the sketch of the lettering, it´s very useful for knowing exactly where you have to write, I never get it perfect but it helps a lot!




I made a page with some lettering, calligraphy, a banner and some CD planner stickers, so that you can see more ideas. I´m having a wedding this weekend so that´s the theme!





Short Reception Wedding Dresses

I hope you have a gorgeous week! If you want to share your creations please tag #cocoadaisy #augustplanwithcd @cocoadaisy and you can also find me on Instagram as @ladyreverse.

Thank you so much for your time,

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