A little behind the scenes

One thing I’ve learned over the last six years of owning a kit club is that something WILL go wrong every month. It’s just a given, so you learn to make quick decisions and be able to just roll with it. This month we have an issue with the adorable coffee mug sticky notepads in our Planner Kits; I wanted to make sure and let our customers know what was going on but I also thought it might be interesting to let you in on a little of the ‘behind the scenes’ when these things happen.

A couple days ago I received the coffee mug sticky notepads. I pulled a few of them out of the box, exclaimed over how adorable they were and then promptly posted a photo of them on Instagram. When we started packing the planner kits yesterday, Amber brought to my attention that a lot of the sticky notepads were totally misaligned; we stopped packing and went through all of them and discovered that most of them were printed incorrectly.


So what to do? We start shipping in 3 days, I know there isn’t enough time to get corrected ones here and I can’t delay shipping (especially this month since I’m supposed to get on a plane on the 13th to go see Jeffrey). My first thought is to see when exactly we would get the replacements from the manufacturer and then Plan B would be trying to find a replacement.  I sent a note out to my team and arleigh came up with the perfect Plan C; we would divide up the good notepads so that everyone gets a few sheets in their kits right away and then ship out the replacements with the December Planner Kits. So as I type this Amber and Angie are going through and dividing up the sticky notepads so we can get back to packing and hopefully get back on track for shipping.

I am so sorry that everyone who subscribes to or purchased the Planner Kit will not be receiving a full sticky notepad right away but they are so cute that I didn’t want to replace them or just issue a credit. I’m hoping that you will find the ‘short stack’ with a later full replacement an acceptable solution. For those of you that don’t mind the off-center printing and want more of them right now, we are offering the seconds in our store at a very reduced rate; you can find those in our store.

As always thank you so much for being a part of Cocoa Daisy!!

Best wishes,



  1. Carolyn R Jones on Facebook

    Hey, no one said life was easy!! Thanks for sharing and coming up with such a good idea! <3

  2. Margareta Carlsson on Facebook

    Great solution! And thanks for posting! Snagged a couple of misprints. Happy to take them off your hands. 🙂

  3. Lisa Stevens

    Stuff happens every day and we all have to roll with it. I just love the coffee cup notepads. You may want to think about keeping it in the store as a regular purchase item. I would buy it every month. Love anything to do with COFFEE! You guys are awesome!!!!

  4. Pramita Mukherjee on Facebook

    Christine you are a perfectionist . But life has its upsets. We care for you because you care. So don’t worry life happens.?

  5. Gail Cavanaugh on Facebook

    As always, CD serves up a tall order of customer service with grace and creativity! Kudos to you for handling the issue so well. <3


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