Behind the Scenes with arleigh | January 2018 edition

Princess Wedding Dresses / Ball Gowns

Hey there, planner peeps! arleigh here.

Well, you already know that January is maps. There are so many great free downloadable maps online. You might want to browse around and see for yourself. When you zoom way in, the amount of detail and artistry is astounding.

When I was searching for maps and ideas, I remembered that my great great grandfather, Joseph Shallard, was a map-maker and illustrator in Australia in the mid- to late-1800s. If you’re interested, here’s a link:

In the January designs, wanted to avoid antique or vintage maps, and instead go for a retro look. So the solid colors, the office labels, and the patterns were the design elements we used to pull the vintage maps into this century.

I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but I was adding little notes here and there, pretending like I was on a road trip and quickly jotting down notes to myself.

Like this little note in the corner of the Month on Two Pages in the Planner: “Bring expense sheet.”
And on one of the dashboards, “with love from Michigan,” which is where Cocoa Daisy lives.

first communion backdrop/First-communion-custom Holy-backdrop Communion

Did you notice any of them?

Have you spotted Simon in January yet?
In the Planner, he’s on the Month on Two Pages above Wednesday.
In the Dori, he’s above a teal-colored stripe next to a “2018 goals” note.
He’s wearing a safari hat and binoculars by the way. He’s fancy.

See you next month!

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