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Hello darling daisies! Today I wanted to share with you a bit of my latest project. After falling in love with memory keeping in my minidori during December (you can see a little flip of that insert HERE and HERE) I decided  to try and make a little booklet with the papers from the memory keeping 12×12 kit. It’s a fairly quick and simple DIY and I have a VIDEO up on my YouTube channel if you are interested to see the process. What excites me a bit extra about this way of memory keeping, other than the fact that it is darn cute and fun to work with, is that it is perfect to use bits and pieces from the planner kits in there.

Let me bring you on a little tour, mmkay?

First off, bring out your stickers and stamps! There’s no better time to use all of your goodies than now. I try to go by the rule if I want to use something then GO, it’s always the perfect place if it feels right. The fun thing about stamps is that they can be used indefinitely,  if you’re scared to  use them directly on your page try and stamp them on a piece of paper and make your own little stickers.


The first spread I made this month was this one about my eldest who turned five. I made a little workspace with some gesso to write my journaling on and pulled out the stamp set from the planner add on to create a little list of five things about him the way he is right now.There was a lamp that bothered me in the background of the photo, right behind his head, so I kind of hid it with a die cut from the planner add on.


The alpha stickers in the planner add on kit are some of my favorite to use in my memory keeping, it is so fun to mix with other alphas to create longer titles like this one. And when using this format the title really becomes a huge embellishment! I think the papers from the main planner kits are made for using in your memory keeping. The paper with the huge dots on for example worked really nicely on this spread and I continued the dots to the brown paper by throwing on some of the hole re-enforcers from the main planner kit. And how could I not  add a Simon to a page about something as nerdy as getting your very first desk?


The bright  red alphas from the classified planner edition looks  stunning together with a black and white photo, it really makes the entire spread pop. And the floral stickers from the planner add on are too cute! To create journaling spots in my insert I always have the standard dori close by, I sort of use it like a clip book, I tear pages out and utilize decorative elements. The “just smile” is an example of that as well as the journaling space just below it.


The decorative sticker sheet in the main planner kit is also super handy to keep close by, for those of you afraid of making mistakes I can reveal that I originally wrote “night” by hand underneath “date”. And I was not at all pleased with the outcome and almost glued the pages together. Instead I covered it up with a die cut and the label sticker from the decorative sticker sheet. The arrows from the same sheet are some of my favorites, I feel like this one really brings the two pages together.


Who said that you had to fold that double arrow? Yes I do use it for things like tip ins, but hey it totally works this way too! The process of this spread is right after the making of the insert 6:42 into the video.

The brown paperbags the classified kits comes shipped in is really nice to break the papers up a bit, it gives a different texture to the booklet that I really enjoy. Also it gives you extra pages but not a lot of bulk. What I truly appreciate with this form of memory keeping is that it doesn’t have to take a lot of time and supplies. This spread took under half an hour and I have used products mainly from the planner kits. The arrow with the flower is from the pocket memory keeping kit but I could’ve easily grabbed something else from the planner kits instead.

Do you use your planner kits in your memory keeping? Please do share!





  1. Simone Schermann

    OMG, Anna, this is so fabulous! Now looking at it on photo is such a different experience than seeing it on video (and maybe not paying so much attention). You did some serious memory keeping during February!

    • Anna Feucht

      Thank you So much Simone! This felt like such a fun format, it’s small and cute and doesn’t require too much time. And if I ever want to go back and scrap it bigger I have the photos and stories all documented, ready to go. Or it could just be a treasure as is when the kids grow up.


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