These are a Few of my Favorite Things!

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be back on the Cocoa Daisy blog! Today I’m going to be sharing 5 of my favorite things from the March Cocoa Daisy Planner Kit! Let me tell you, this was a tough post to write! Just check out all this gorgeousness!

If I could get away with just writing “Everything!” I would totally do it! Since I can’t, let’s dive right into the five things I picked!

Number One: This pen. Of course I had to start with this pen. I have such a love for beautiful pens that write WELL! This month’s pen meets all the requirements. The gorgeous pattern, the weight and size, the ink that it comes with – and the fact that it’s refillable! Being able to refill this with one of my favorite inks immediately bumps this to the top of my “Favorite Pen” list. This pen goes with me everywhere, right inside my planner, and I even pull it out of my planner instead of grabbing another pen out of my pen pouch if I need to write notes, sign something, etc. I can’t say enough how much I love this pen!

Two: This divider tab. I looooove looking at the side of my planner and seeing this tab peeking out. I use a neutral notebook, and seeing this vivid color on the edge, just hinting at the gorgeous colors inside, makes me so happy!

Three: Of course, this peacock paper clip. How could this not be one of the choices? Again, the colors in this clip are just stunning, and the clip itself is made so well and is so bright and beautiful. It’s perfect for peeking out of the top of my planner, or to sit right in my front pocket. I’ve moved it back and forth this month, and I love it in both places! Where do you put yours? Let me know in the comments!

Four: The Simon “Hop Forward” sticker. How CUTE is this? I can’t get over the perfection of having Simon help us “Spring Forward” this month. Total perfection.

Five: This peacock sticker. I just think she looks so graceful and beautiful. I wish I had a dozen of this sticker to scatter all over my planner all month long!

So there you have it! My top five favorite things from this month’s kit. But guess what? I’m a rebel, and I’m going to sneak in two more things! (I told you I had trouble deciding!)

Six: This specific page in the b6 Dori insert. Oh my goodness. This entire insert is gorgeous. All of the Cocoa Daisy inserts are gorgeous, honestly. The paper is incredible, and the colors are so saturated. So it was even tough to figure out what page I liked best in the insert. But this page with the gorgeous hot pinks and oranges and yellows just jumped out at me. This is my favorite page in the entire insert and I want to think of something incredible to fill these pages with!

Seven: The notepad. Again, the peacock. Isn’t she sassy and gorgeous? I just absolutely loooooove the colors in her tail, and the reminder to “be fabulous”

So there you have it! I could break the rules even more and show you all about a hundred other things I love in this kit! But I’ll just leave you with these seven, with the full admission that I am completely crazy about this entire kit!  I hope you enjoyed seeing just a few of my favorite things! Leave some comments and let me know your favorite things about this kit!!

Talk to you soon Daisies! Come find me on Instagram where we can talk about our love of all things planning, memory keeping, scrapbooking, and Cocoa Daisy!




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  1. Simone Schermann

    Hahaha. Jenn you are so funny. Thanks for sharing, I love all your picks!


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